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Another Angel Story

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--by Susie Stokes

January 7, 2005

In the winter of 2004 my cousin, Sheri and her husband Howard, were visiting us from Oregon. While she was here she took just a few pictures. One picture she took of me did not come out very well, I was obscured behind this fuzzy thing. At the time she had it developed the girl said she had never seen anything like it. This picture was taken with Sheri’s camera, not digital. Some tried to pass it off as lint or something wrong with the camera lens. Personally, Shari and I thought it might have been our grandma Iseli. Every time I looked at the picture I would get chills, when I told my mom about it she got chills also. Grandma Iseli is my mom’s departed mother, who lived with us for several years while I was growing up.

In July of 2003, mom and I went to Oregon for her 60th class reunion in Eugene. After the reunion we went on to Astoria, Bend, then to Portland to visit the graves of her mom, dad and brother. While in Portland we caught up with my cousin, Ronnie, and he took us around the area and up to Multnomah Falls. Ronnie and I walked up on the bridge and I took a picture looking down the falls. When I got home I had the pictures developed and stuck them away.

Mom was over this afternoon, Jan 7, 2005, and we were talking about movies. There was an article in the paper about “White Noise” a new movie about someone who is contacted by his departed wife through a process called electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). I said that I didn’t think I believed that. The article went on to say there were photos from over a hundred years ago there were some occurrences, but there weren’t nearly the number of psychic photos we have today. They don’t have the answer and neither does Kodak. But for those who believe, the reason may be that spirits were utilizing this new technology. Interesting article, but I didn’t connect anything, although I did think about the picture Shari sent me several months prior.

Later that day I was cleaning out my office and found the pictures of Oregon, but did not take time to look at them. When Brock, my sun in law stopped by I decided, for some unknown reason, to show him the pictures from the Oregon trip. As I sifted thru them I noticed one photo taken from the top of the falls on the bridge had one of those fuzzy looking things, I had never noticed it before, don’t ask me why, just missed it. Got chills again. I called mom immediately to report another strange picture to her – and after she had been reading the article earlier that day!!!

Well, while we are on the phone talking about it, mom and the kitty were sitting in the family room in her chair and the light on the table beside her went “off”, she was sitting totally in the dark. All the other lights in the rest of the house were on, only hers was dark. She reached up to check it and was able to turn it on, it had not burned out as it appeared, something just turned it off. This is just too much, we were really spooked, as a matter of fact, the hair was standing up on both our arms and I had the chills again.

We hung up and I got busy looking for my cousin’s phone number to report all this to her, after all she was the one who had the first picture so she should hear the “rest of the story”. Actually I guess I had the first picture the summer before but didn’t realize it.

Mom called me back before I could get on the phone and said she just remembered what the date was, January 7, the day grandma Iseli died in Astoria in 1967.

You may not think anything about this but after having seen this fuzzy stuff in my kitchen in 2003, thinking I was going crazy, it has made a believer out of me. Want to hear that story? The angel in my kitchen?

It was after a trip to M.D. Anderson in Houston to have my semi-annual cancer check up. Everything appeared all right but there was one important test which result was not in, and I would have to check back in approximately a week to get the results.

One afternoon, about a week later, I was standing in the kitchen alone and decided to call Houston to get the test results. The nurse said the number I was looking for was 17. I was extremely upset because a high
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number like 17 on this test was not good, it needed to be a very low number, something under 3.

As I was very upset about this, the nurse said she would do some more checking and call me back. As I hung up the phone I noticed something smoky behind me. Knowing there was nothing cooking in my clean kitchen, I turned around and the smoke disappeared. I thought I was losing it and wondered what I was going to see when I turned back around. When I did, the smoky form came around me on both sides then quickly disappeared, like angel wings. At that moment the phone rang and it was the nurse again. She was so sorry that she misread the number, it was 1.7, not 17. Feeling perfectly relieved at that point, I know it was my Guardian Angel surrounding me and protecting me. From this time on an angel will remain in my kitchen at 77 Angel Lane.

By the way, I had a most fun opportunity to be an Angel in the Pam Tillis/Gatlin Brothers Christmas show at the Welk Theatre in Branson in 2004 – what a coincidence!!!

Don’t forget – when I stumbled across this house in 1997 and purchased it after only seeing it once, the address was Box 2690 – after receiving 911 in the area a year later our new address was mailed to us – surprise, surprise – it was 77 Angel Lane.



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