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C's Cross-Hair Marking

"C's" Crosshair Mark

"C's" marking (above) is nearly identical to "B's" cross-hair marking (middle).

"C's" Crosshair Mark

Wide-angle view, illustrating location of "C's" cross-hair marking.


"B's" Crosshair Mark

Compare to "B's" Marking

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Report by Lynn Taylor 

Filed 26DEC2005

On December 12, 2005 I received the above photo images from a "C," a woman in her thirties.

"C" awoke recently to discover the marking, which was located between her right shoulder and breast.

Not only is "C's" marking nearly identical to "B's Crosshair Marking," preliminary information suggests many other close similarities, as well.

This investigation is ongoing, therefore, additional details are not available at this time.


Note: Those with additional information regarding "cross-hair" markings, or other unexplained body marks and scars are asked to E-mail AAARC at:

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