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Cave Road UFO
Sighting & Close Encounter

Artist rendering of object appearance
and changing flight attitude

Filed by Lynn Taylor

Date: Thursday, OCT. 14, 2004
Class: CE1
Time: 10:15-10:30 PM
Location: Cave Road and Gifford Road, Bloomington, Indiana
Witnesses: 1 

Witness (name on file) was driving west on Cave Road, in western Monroe County, when he observed a cloud bank, above and ahead of him, “light up.” Immediately thereafter, an object with three brilliant spotlight-like white lights descended into view. The lights were shining down onto the ground, below and behind the object, at a 45 degree angle. The lights emanating from the craft illuminated its underside, revealing a rounded or disk shaped structure. As the witness’s vehicle made the turn onto Gifford Road, the object was continuing its descent, finally leveling out at tree line height. The object came to a full stop only twenty yards ahead of the witness’s vehicle, with the three “spot lights” shining directly downward onto Gifford Road. The object remained stationary for a few seconds, then “blinked off.”

Additional notes:

No additional navigational lights, beacon lights, or forward landing lights were observed on the craft.

When asked about the size of the object, the witness reported, simply, that it was “big!” 

From inside his vehicle, the witness could not hear any accompanying sounds from the object, nor did he experience or observe any associated physical disturbances.

There are five houses in the immediate area where the object came to a full stop.

The area is rural, with corn fields, caves, and woodlands.

Monroe County Airport is only a couple of miles east of the sighting location, but is situated at a right angle to the object’s south-to-northwest heading.

Finally, I know the witness personally, and rate his credibility as very high.



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