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Always Watching the Skies


Close Encounter
Highway 37

(Location of Linette's close encounter)

Filed by Michael Grubb, AAARC

Date: January 28, 2006
Time: 3:15-3:25 PM, local
Location: Indiana State Highway 37S, at Crossover Rd., Monroe County, Indiana
Witness: Linette (full name on file)

It was 3:35 PM when a frantic Linette arrived home. And not just frantic, she was fully panicked, shifting moods from hysterical laughter to uncontrollable crying. Evidently her experience also had a powerful physical effect, as she developed diarrhea, stomach upset, as she continued to display uncontrollable psychological effects, which did not subside until much later in the evening.
Linette had been north of Bloomington, visiting with her mother, and was on her way back home, driving along Highway 37, south-bound. She was just nearing Crossover Road when suddenly, she got the feeling that she needed to slow down. That's when a flying object of some sort came out from the trees, and was hovering above Parker Pools to the east. She clearly saw the object ionizing (tons of haze which spread evenly over the entire craft). Initially, she could not make out a form, but could see that it was black underneath.

Linette felt a very powerful urge to pull over, and jerked her car to the shoulder of the road, with other cars honking and swerving around her. Her exact words to me were, "I've seen many airplanes and aircraft before, but I've never had the unexplainable urge to immediately jerk my car to the side of the road to view it.

She continued to describe how object began to dissipate the ionization (which appeared to be extremely hot, molten-like metal), then took on the form of a black craft with wing-like appendages. At that point, the object began to move across the highway, right toward her. Linette claimed the object "stared her down" and hovered above her car, as she pulled to the shoulder of the road, watching it and pointing in its direction to oncoming traffic. The whole episode only lasted about five minutes.

The black object then flew back across the highway, as passing motorists continued to honk at Linnett.

She said the object seemed to glide, and had virtually no sound; that is, until she thought to check. She said she could only make out a mild hum.

It amazed her that no one else stopped, or thought it unusual to have a craft hovering directly over her car. She said that if she had been standing on top of her car, she could have jumped up and possibly touched it.

She has never witnessed an object quite like this one, and certainly nothing that has approached her so close and low.

She also point to the fact that she has observed many airplanes with me, and up at the Indianapolis airport. She added that, if an airplane was as close to her as this one was, she would have normally had to plug her ears. Even a smaller aircraft, such as a Cessna, would have made a great deal of noise.

Linette described the object as "particularly tiny; not even the size of the stealth remote control craft used by the military."
Together, Linette and I have witnessed unidentified flying objects on previous occasions. Im not sure if it was my absence which caused her to behave this way, or if it was a truly physical effect that the craft had on her. She did state, however, that to have one come out and identify and interact directly with her, caused her serious mental distress.
She is now fine, and is actually looking forward to future interactions.

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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