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Closer Encounters

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-- by Lynn Taylor

19OCT96 - Saturday morning (01:30 AM)

The evening began around 11:30 PM, when I spotted two orange spheres, and captured one on videotape. I went inside and inspected the results, which were favorable. I began to have the feeling; it would be a busy evening.

At Midnight, I was sitting across the lake from my house, waiting, watching and freezing. I turned my attention toward the southern sky. That's when I noticed a bright, white light approaching me from the south. I figured it to be the landing light of a plane, but since I couldn't be sure; I trained my video camera on it anyway. While I was recording, something caught my attention off to my left. I turned and saw another brilliant white light approaching my position from the east. It appeared to hover motionless over the trees for a moment, then continued closer. I wasn't sure what I was looking at until it dimmed momentarily, and displayed the yellow/orange glow that I have come to know so well. By then, I had already abandoned the previous target in preference to the second closer object. This was the closest I had been, so far, to an unidentified flying object. As it came closer, I felt a strange calm fall over me, disconnecting any fear from my thought processes. By now, it was simply a mechanical procedure to be logically executed. I stopped video taping briefly, in order to take a still photo. When the camera flashed, however, the object dimmed then changed course toward the forest, to the north. As it drifted away, I continued to videotape, pausing twice to take more still photos. At this point, I had totally lost track of the first object.

The next morning when I viewed the tape, it was apparent that something went terribly wrong. It appeared that the internal drive motor had been continually speeding up and slowing down during the entire recording process. It could not have been the battery. It was fully charged. Even if it was low, video cameras are designed to shut down when the battery charge drops to a minimum predetermined level. In search of an answer, I decided to test the camera, using the same battery without a recharge. In addition, I used the same videocassette as the night before, after pre-setting it to a blank position immediately following the last recorded section. I went outside and video taped Jana and her friend, then reviewed the results. The camera performed flawlessly. I then, disassembled the camera, and visually inspected the transport assembly, and determined it to be in very good condition. I found nothing that would account for its anomalous performance, the night before. As a matter of course, I cleaned, reassembled and tested it one more time. Again, it worked perfectly.

Now, to review: The camera, equipped with the same battery and tape cassette, worked flawlessly approximately one hour before and the morning immediately after my close encounter. Therefore, I cannot dismiss the possibility that normal camera operation was somehow being affected adversely, by the proximity of the UFOs, either incidentally, or intentionally.

The malfunction notwithstanding, I still obtained some of the best images to date, of these spherical, otherworldly specters that haunt the night.

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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