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The Owen Valley Crop Circles

-An investigation of the formation that occurred in Indiana during the year 2000.

 -- by Ted Robertson, AAARC Investigator

In June of the year 2000, individuals first witnessed a pattern consisting of four circles as they flew their plane over a cornfield in rural south-central Indiana. The four crop circles and the ‘path’ that joined the two smallest were not at all visible from the nearby road. Later, in mid-July, an additional circle formed in the same field. This new circle was larger than the first four, happened to lie in a straight line with the other circles, and extended out over the edge of the standing corn making it possible to view inside the largest new circle as one drives past it on the highway. The entire formation is shown below.

Although these Circles are now appearing worldwide, the first place they were noticed was in Wiltshire County near London England. The haunted fields of Wiltshire, now the best known spot for these crop circles to appear are interspersed with ancient leylines and sacred sites such as Avebury, Silbury Hill and Stonehenge. Rich in history and lore, the area has is also been host to tales of "Will o' the Wisps" and unusual glowing orbs, hence, the ageless name of "Golden Ball Hill." Is this only a coincidence?  (Continued below)

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ovcrop3b.jpg (94632 bytes)

ovcrop4b.jpg (70727 bytes)

ovcrop2c.jpg (146986 bytes)

ovcrop5b.jpg (126820 bytes)

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ovcrop8b.jpg (103322 bytes)

Looking east along the agriglyph we see the 100 foot circle in
the distance near the road.

Southerly view showing the swampy areas in the far upper left and small areas of randomly downed crop throughout the field. Group of four circles two joined by a line "path." The diameters measure 70', 60', 50', and 34' feet and 90' at the line. Excellent view of the "path". An area of randomly downed
crop with bent
nodes extends about 10 feet out from the edge of the 100' circle.
Foreground shows stalks missing their upper halves as they were cleanly 'blown' apart at the second lowest nodes.


These stalks still have the upper portion of the plant hanging at the node and attached by a few fibers. Close-up of floor lay -cornstalks most still rooted and bent firmly to the ground months after the event occurred.
ovcrop7b.jpg (73527 bytes) ovcrop9b.jpg (114383 bytes) crystal_comp.jpg (70661 bytes) crystal_fog.jpg (63361 bytes) crystal_fog_closeup.jpg (44631 bytes) ovcropfog1b.jpg (57752 bytes)

ovcropfog2b.jpg (28049 bytes)

Sunset on the 100' circle as viewed from the road on October 5, 2000. Floor pattern inside one circle. Note that a mat of small green weeds has
taken the opportunity to grow over the stalks.


An unexplained yellow trail of light passing down and out of photo (contrast enhanced view on left).


A 2 inch crystal ball was illuminated on top of an ordinary flashlight in the center of the 100' circle in the dark and photographed using flash. A 2 inch crystal ball was illuminated on top of an ordinary flashlight in the center of the 100' circle in the dark and photographed using flash. Triangle fog not visible at the time of photographing. The camera model used in all shots was an Olympus Stylus Epic.


Photo of another fog of compact shape not visible even with the aid a high powered flashlight that I carried at the time.


ovcropfog3b.jpg (71420 bytes)

ovcropfog4b.jpg (77418 bytes)

ovcropfog5b.jpg (57826 bytes)

ovcropfog6b.jpg (62323 bytes)

ovcropfog7b.jpg (48923 bytes)

ovcropfog8b.jpg (61545 bytes)

ovcropfog11b.jpg (89910 bytes)

Fog-like energy appears to be rising and unfolding from the center of the circle. Five or more orbs not visible to the eye and not readily photographed except in the crop circle where they appear in approx. 40% of the photos taken. Arched fog possibly a plasma - again not visible and appearing in approximately 40% of the photos taken.


Photo of non-visible fog that is often completely absent in other photos taken moments later. Aching fog pattern unusually intense on the lower right. A large and clear purple/blue orb. A very similar image appeared in another photo on another roll of film inside the 100' circle. "Y" shaped split top of fog that was not visible and appears to be rising from center area of circle.

ovcropfog12b.jpg (53980 bytes)

ovcropfog13b.jpg (67796 bytes)

cropsample2c.jpg (123222 bytes)

  ovcropfog14b.jpg (73839 bytes) ovcropfog15b.jpg (77406 bytes)

ovcropfog16b.jpg (44005 bytes)

Strangely intense glare-like image again not visible and originating without a known light -source except for the flash which would have been located behind and thus outside of the photograph. "Ectoplasm?" or ghostlike energy in the shape of a right hand with palm open and turned upwards with thumb on the right.


 Close-up of bent nodes on stalks. Notice the the dark coloration and the blow-out on the knee of the stalk on the right.


Red "Phantom Fog" photographed inside one of the crop circle formations. This rare red variety has shown up unexpectedly at other locations (see Stepp Cemetery photos).

Orbs, fog "vortex" rising from center of circle and especially bright orb with light trail in upper right corner- None of these anomalies were visible at the time and no other lights were present in the field. Intense white fog (energy) column present as a real object and not a development error -again not visible in the field.


Photo Images by Ted Robertson, AAARC Investigator

All images on this page are copyrighted by Ted Robertson, all rights reserved.

Before 1980, only simple circles were found. Adults remember playing in them as children in the 1930s, '40s, and earlier. A woodcut from the year 1687 depicts the "Mowing Devil" suggesting that this phenomenon is not new. Recently, the number of agriglyphs has increased worldwide and the patterns have become amazingly complex, especially during the last two decades of this century. Why have the simple circles evolved to patterns of such astounding intricacy forming ancient symbols, complex geometry, mathematics and fractals and among other things, depictions of three-dimensional objects that make sense only if viewed from the air? On top of all of this are growing numbers of persons who have witnessed the making of the formations. The reports vary but most typical confirm sightings of mysterious hovering balls of light and unusual mists and fog. Bodily sensations ranging from nausea to euphoria, missing time, unusual sounds such as 'trilling', explosions - and in newly formed circles a snapping, crackling sound such as static electricity. Equipment malfunctions from cameras and their batteries to compasses and even the tires of a combine harvester have been known to burst when attempting to enter inside a crop formation. Mysterious and powerful energies indeed!

Genuine crop circles have been imprinted in fields of a great variety of plant types ranging from Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Oilseed rape, Rice, Linseed, Canola, Corn, Hay, Grass, vegetables (such as potato plants) and even Snow and Ice! Thanks to the ongoing crop circle investigations performed by scientists and field workers of the BLT research team (Burke, Levengood and Talbott), findings of cellular changes in crop circle plants have been discovered. Their work helps make it easier for us to rule out the possibility that a formation in question is the result of simple hoaxers using planks boards or rollers to flatten the crop. More importantly, these scientists are helping us unravel the mystery behind it all and generating credibility on a subject that has been all to easily dismissed by the general public. More than 90% of the formations studied by BLT show some kind of biophysical plant alterations on either the macro or microscopic levels. In some cases unusual concentrations of anomalous substances are also found. Crop circle soils have revealed the presence of pure iron glazes and micron-sized magnetic iron beads, many perfectly spherical in shape. Some of these materials are also found at the site of UADs (unusual animal deaths, commonly known as 'Cattle Mutilations') and purported UFO landing sites. The plant alterations do not usually kill the plants and they usually continue to grow at more or less right angles to the ground. Expulsion cavities that are blown out at the plant stem nodes and massively elongated plant stem nodes which result from intense moisture in the plant stem being rapidly heated indicates exposure of the plants to microwave radiation. The hypothesis of Michigan bio-physicist William C. Levengood of BLT Research, is that these microwaves are part of a highly energetic atmospheric plasma system known as a plasma vortex. These plasma systems consist of multiple energies. The microwave component of which, produces the heating agency, which results in the expulsion cavities and/or elongated nodes, bent nodes and incompletely blown apart nodes. In some cases it has been documented that crop circle plant stem nodes have been blown apart completely by an energy jolt so brief that it is not enough time to burn the plant.

Physical Alterations in Crop Circle plants include:

(1)        On the microscopic level, enlargement of cell wall pits in bract (inner seed coat) tissue.

(2)        Grossly enlarged plant stem nodes

(3)        Marked bending of plant stem nodes

(4)        The presence of 'expulsion' cavities at plant stem nodes

(5)        Stunted and malformed seeds in normal appearing seed- heads

(6)        Marked alterations (both depressed and increased) in seed germination and growth patterns.

 None of these physical alterations have been observed in control studies where man-made crop circles have been examined. (“A Biophysical Investigation”-BLT Research Team)

 Though crop circles are on the increase they are, at least, still relatively rare in the United States because many go unreported. In the year 2000, eleven known formations were discovered in the US, and of those, only one was reported in Indiana. Formations were, however, found in nearby states; in Bainbridge, Ohio and Linesville, Tennessee. The last known report that a crop circle had appeared in Indiana was in 1996 when three were discovered that year. Another was found in 1987. All four Indiana agriglyphs were found in the northeastern portion of our state. Last year's (2000) formation is unusual in that it happened in South Central Indiana. As far as I know, it is also unusual in that it is the only one found in maize (corn) this year in the entire United States. Never before has a series of crop circles this size (a circle measuring 100 feet) been found in a cornfield. The other Indiana circles were made in wheat fields. I would imagine that it requires more energy to down corn stalks due to their thicker stems. Crop circles appear often in the same fields through the years and tend to evolve into more complex patterns. Most remarkably it has been documented that whatever is making these patterns seems to respond to human thought. It is my opinion that when we study and encourage the phenomenon the more likely it will continue to manifest.

Interpretation: A Circle is a two-dimensional shadow of a sphere. It has no beginning or ending point and is an icon of eternal oneness, and perfection. It is also is a symbol of equality as each point in its circumference lies equidistant from its center. Pi, relates the diameter of a circle to its circumference and is an irrational number that transcends the linear rationality it contains.

A description of the Indiana Crop Circle formation that occurred in the year 2000:

I believe that the diameter of the circles being 100,70,60,50,34 and the path 90 by 4 feet was part of an intentional design. The probability that the measurements for five out of six diameters just happened to occur in multiples of 10 is very unlikely a chance event.

The longest axis of the entire formation points due magnetic east seemingly unaffected by the nearby road and the northern side of the field, which lie in a more Northwest/west and Southeast/east angle.

The 100' 70' and 34' diameter circles all had counterclockwise lays. The 60' and 50' foot circles had a combination of counterclockwise and clockwise lays. This rare occurrence is known as contra-rotated swirls. Thus most of the circle floor of the 50'circle is the usual counterclockwise lay and the outer 8-10 feet wide rim is swirled clockwise. There is no noticeable edge of demarcation that separates the two planes of rotation. Interestingly enough, the other circle measuring 60 feet contains this complex lay in reverse orientation - that is the center lay is clockwise and the outer rim is counterclockwise!

The corn stems lay tightly to the ground either with their roots in place or torn from the soil. The majority of them were found to be in some intermediate condition between these two extremes. The largest circle has a strange rectangular shaped swath extending about 12 feet from the circles edge. In this area the corn stalks contained a series of multiple bent nodes (3 to 4 per stalk) and at an angle anywhere from 12 to 45 degrees. Most of the nodes had  "expulsion" cavities. This to me is the single strongest point that proves that the formation is not a hoax. When I consider all other observations and conclusions pertaining to this formation collectively, I know that this was not made be any type of ordinary natural phenomenon or human technological means.

Other isolated areas outside of the circles show plant stem abnormalities of basically three types. The first and most commonly noted aberration consisted of corn stalks that appeared to have been literally blown apart at the lowest node in the stem. Typically about a foot above the ground these nodes seem as if they were cleanly sliced in half. I would estimate there to be hundreds of these. A very significant finding is that in a few localized areas the nodes had been incompletely severed so that the rest of the stalk was still attached by a few strands. It appears that whatever energy had cut the stalks had done so in a directional manner as the top half of the corn plants all had fallen over in the same direction, all the broken stalks were oriented to pointing east. It is clear that this occurred some time ago before I had observed this for the part of the stalk still rooted in the ground had grown to a larger diameter as compared to the upper portion. Whatever energy had caused the nodes to separate it was very clean and accurate. I would not expect that wind could accomplish this for the neighboring plants just inches away were totally unaffected. Likewise deer or other animals if they were ever inclined to chew on corn stalks would not make such a clean and uncrushed slice that ends exactly at the node.

The second pattern of aberration in the randomly downed crop was similar to the 12foot swath located at the edge of the 100-foot circle. This pattern consisted of corn stalks that were bent over at the base at a 45-degree angle with the uppermost three nodes bent at 12 to 45 degrees. The lowest nodes had strange wrinkles on the stem side facing away from the bend as if small splits and had occurred after being stretched. Also on the side opposite to the bend were found expulsion cavities that caused the stalk material to flare outwards.

Yet another pattern found was a randomly oriented mishmash of completely downed corn plants. This pattern was the least frequent of the three.

I did not notice any definite unusual physical sensations or other effects while in the crop formation. At that time it was October and around dusk about two to four months after they first appeared so perhaps the residual energies were not as intense. I do get the feeling that there is a subtle, invisible presence that resides in and around the circles. I think that at the mind level there is link of consciousness. This has not been a solid physical sensation but an almost a knowingness that there is ongoing energy present reacting to me as we I react to it. To me circles represent a sacredness that I am inclined to try to respect.

I took photos with a compact automatic camera (an Olympus Stylus Epic). The lights, orbs and ghostly fog were not visible at the time. What causes the appearance on developed film of these orbs and fog? I do not know for sure. For the orbs, logically I would think of dust on the camera lens- I have cleaned the camera's lenses to try to see if it made a difference in the amount of orbs being photographed and yet the orbs continued to appear in the photos. If dust stuck to the lens were the case then I would expect the same orbs to appear in the same place on the film in all shots. They are not in all of photo frames nor do they appear in the same location in the pictures. I used a flash at night and the flash was built in so each time the method of photographing was pretty consistent. The number of orbs, their size, their intensity all vary. In some of the photos I hardly moved the camera angle from one shot to the next and in most of the shots there is nothing unusual seen, neither was it raining at the time.

Ted Robertson is AAARC's crop circle specialist. If you have information concerning crop circle formations, please contact Ted at:    


Updated: February 05, 2006
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