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Deja Vu

UFO Sightings near Crane Naval Surface Warfare Division

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--- by Lynn Taylor

Last year I reported that on Thursday July 31, 1997, at approximately 1 PM, Russian aircraft over-flew the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center, west of Bloomington, Indiana. Personnel were made aware of the event before hand, and told not to use the phone, e-mail, etc. during the event. They were further informed that the fly-over was part of an agreement signed by the US, Russia, and other countries. Personnel were also told that, Crane was one of several US military installations they would be flying over. Recently, I learned that Russian over-flights are slated to continue at the rate of roughly, one per month.

On December 19th, 1997 at approximately 1:30 PM, a day in which another Russian over-flight was scheduled to occur, "Karen" was traveling east out of Bloomfield, Indiana on Highway 45. She had just crossed the new bridge at the edge of town, when three jets flew across the road in front of her, heading in the direction of Crane. They were flying a modified "V" formation, with one plane further out, more like a check mark than a "V". Then she noticed it. Tucked in between the two closer flying aircraft was a large, reflective, ball shaped object, flying in perfect formation. As if this site wasn't amazing enough, before her eyes, the silvery orb began shrinking in size, collapsing in on itself, until it vanished into thin air as the jets maintained their relative size and distance to one another.

As she struggled to take in what had just occurred, Karen experienced a sudden deja vu. She suddenly recalled an event that happened in this very same spot, one afternoon in the spring of her sixteenth year. She, along with a friend, watched in awe as a double convex metallic disc flew across the roadway at extremely high speed, performed two seemingly impossible ninety degree turns, then quickly disappeared from sight. (a side note: Her companion is now a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force.) Could the two sightings simply be an extraordinary coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Consider this: Only one mile away from Karen's sighting position, the paths of the jets and both objects would have to pass directly over the area where my nephew's friends had a close encounter while camping out, one summer night in 1994. [See "Campfire Encounters"]

There does exist, considerable UFO activity in and around Crane. Whether or not it is directly connected to the military installation, no one can be certain.

What is the UFO interest in this area? Why are Russian interests directed toward our Crane Naval Surface Warfare Division as opposed to, what would seem to be, more likely places of military interest? At the moment, answers to these questions remain elusive, but you can be sure, I will keep watching.

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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