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Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging

UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies



UFOs over Dolan, Indiana

Multiple Independent Witness Sightings


Report #1

Filed by Lynn Taylor, AAARC

Location: Dolan, Indiana (north of Bloomington, in Monroe County)
Date: February 1, 2006 (Wednesday)
Time: 2:15 AM
Weather and sky conditions: Cold and clear
Witness: Lynn Taylor

I was up late, as usual, working on a computer project, when I decided it was past time to turn in for the night. As is my custom before going to bed, I stepped out onto the deck and scanned the night sky. That is when my eyes fixed on a brilliant, undulating, amber light, south of my location (Anderson Road) and low in the sky.

I quickly went back inside and retrieved my video camera, then tried my best to capture the light object on tape. When I began taping, the object was hanging motionless about four degrees above the tree line. As I continued to videotape, the object began to loose altitude and dropped down below tree-top level. The object remained visible through the leafless trees on the ridge.

I decided to take a chance that the object would remain on station for a few more seconds, so I hurried back inside to retrieve my camera tripod, in order to capture a more stable image. When I returned to the deck, I could still see the object through the trees, however, by the time I got my camera mounted and focused, the object simply vanished.

Based on my familiarity with this area, I would estimate that the object was hovering about 50-80 feet above the ground when it was last visible. The topography over which the object was located, is a large expanse of bottom land, bordered by Bean Blossom Creek, to the south. (Dolan, Indiana is located on the south bank of the creek)

(Note: There have been a number of UFO sightings in the Dolan area in the past several weeks, as well as, many historical sightings.)  




Report #2

Filed by: Michael Grubb, AAARC

Location: Dolan, Monroe County, Indiana
Date: February 01, 2006
Time: 03:00-03:30 AM
Weather and sky conditions: Cold and clear
Witness: Michael Grubb

It was a very active night this evening. There is no way of telling just how many crafts that I saw, so I won’t even gauge a guess. At one point, there were six amber orbs taking regular paths around me as I walked to Sample Road. As they moved about, they seemed to be exchanging positions in the sky.

Next, I headed out to Anderson Road, where I saw a enormous orb in the southern sky, that was playing along the tree and horizon lines.

Earlier, before I had even taken this walk, Linette and I witnessed two orbs, as well as, an interesting contrail that had a direct path over our home. It hung rather low in the atmosphere and had a rainbow like appearance, forming a circular path. I would estimate the contrail's altitude to be about 200' above my home. ♦


Additional information:

Mike also indicated that, at approximately 03:00 AM on February 1, 2006 a man who lives just a few doors down, claimed to have witnessed a glowing white entity outside his home. Taking the entity to be a "ghost," the man, needless to say, became very frightened.

The witness further indicated that he could make out the head, shoulder, and upper torso area of the entity, however, he could not discern any arms or legs.

This witness account is consistent with previous eyewitness reports of "glowing entities" in this area.

-- Lynn Taylor

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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