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Unexplained Marks

cross-hair mark

-- by Lynn Taylor

Recent months have brought about a dramatic increase in unexplained body marks, most of the “cross-hair” variety. Thus far, the only reports we have received concerning cross-hair marks have been from the United States and The United Kingdom. Whether the phenomenon is unique to the US and the UK, or if it is more of a language barrier issue, we do not know at this point. Only time will tell on that score, but if it turns out that there is some unique aspect to the United States and Great Britain, then I imagine that will open a whole other can of worms. 

Since 2005, reports began coming in concerning unexplained body marks of various types. Most notable of them has been the “cross-hair” type characterized by two or more concentric circles, divided into quadrants by two intersecting lines. The marks are somewhat raised and red in color, and resemble a burn injury. They generally last for several days or weeks before eventually fading away. 

Cross-hair marks have primarily been found on the breast and shoulder area, although they can occur anywhere on the body. Some variations have been noted, such as a three concentric circle with a cross-hair, and several instances of half-crosshair marks. 

So who are the culprits behind the unexplained marks? We can start by looking at the usual suspects, Government agencies, the Military and ET groups. We might consider striking the first two off the list except for one problem: there is no way to know with certainty that these agencies or the Military would not be collaborating with an ET group. Such a group who might well be involved in some clandestine program, the nature and purpose of which, we can only imagine. 

Where are the witnesses? No one has actually been able to catch the perpetrators in the act of making and leaving these marks, that is, until recently…sort of. One woman was at her work place when a cross-hair mark began to spontaneously form on her body in the presence of her co-workers. So now we have multiple witnesses that saw a mark form as if by magic! 

But here is where many folks go off the deep end, thinking there are demons and ghosts at work. Some are alarmed because, for religious reasons they fear they have been marked by the Devil. If you are reading this and you have one of these marks, please rest assured that your mortal soul is in no danger, whatsoever. This is not “the Mark of the Beast.” You did not get it because you did anything wrong. 

It is not magic and it is not of the Devil. It is a technology, plain and simple. I can say this with certainty because I have seen this before. Well, not plain and simple, but a technology, nonetheless. ETs have for a long time possessed a technology that allows them to move about unseen among us. They can conduct their business in relative safety and then be on their way. (Anyone interested in viewing an example of their cloaking abilities should take a look at the “Bathroom Alien” on AAARC’s Website.) 

“Why did I get this mark on my body,” you may ask? 

This type of phenomena usually happens for one of two reasons:           

1) They are random and opportunistic

2) They are generational or connected by way of marriage to someone who is generationally involved.

(Yes, for the same reasons people get abducted.)

Instances of unexplained skin markings are being reported at an ever increasing rate. Statistically, there are probably many more cases that are going unreported world-wide. To a person, everyone that has contacted me said that ours was the only Website on the Internet that contained information on unexplained marks. Now, our site is by no means one of the biggest or most popular; no, quite the opposite, in fact. We exist to display our own research, not current events or other people’s work. Therefore, what we publish is based on what we do and what we know. It seems rather unlikely that AAARC, a small research group in Indiana, USA would be the only organization on the planet who would be addressing such a major phenomenon, but that does seem to be the case. In my opinion, it is time for that to change.

Yes, now is the time for the scientific community to give the same attention, weight, and support to the phenomenon of unexplained marks and scars as we do foreign implant study and removal processes. We have doctors and other professionals who bring their skills to bear in the area of implant retrieval, and we need a similar professional focus here. 

Today I issue a challenge to every researcher who thinks he or she has something to contribute in an effort to answer the bigger questions surrounding these heretofore unexplained markings such as, who is it that is making them, how are they made, and what is the real purpose behind the markings?

These folks are desperate for answers. I think they’ve waited long enough.    


Unexplained Body Marks and Scars

Updated: October 30, 2009
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