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Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging

UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies



Follow-up Visits

--by Lynn Taylor

19MAY98 - Tuesday (1:00 AM)

Sometimes it's when you're not looking for them, that's when they show up. It was just after 1:00 AM, and I had been outside my home for several minutes experimenting with the infrared mode on my video camera. All the while, I could hear the barking of excited dogs, in the neighborhood, as well as, the bellowing of unseen cattle in the area. I walked down the driveway to scan the night sky. What was all the commotion about? I couldn't see a thing up there but stars.

I had almost reached my house, when I turned to look back. There was something there, all right. I could barely make it out, it was so dim as it moved northward, just above the trees. All I could see was a very faint red glow. No other running lights, strobes, etc. After it passed by, and realizing there was nothing more I could do, I started back.

When I neared my home, I turned for one last look. There it was, a brilliant swirling multicolored light, floating in the same direction as the first, only closer to me. I quickly powered up my video camera and began to record. I have witnessed this light many times before. There was no doubt in my mind as to what I was seeing. I changed position several times as the object passed by, trying to record as much of the event as possible before it passed behind the trees and out of sight. I stood transfixed on the eastern sky. The dogs and cattle were still going crazy. A couple of minutes later, I saw another dim red object like the first, skulking past in the distance.

I happened to look around to the West, to see another bright object moving north. As I began to record, it was quickly apparent that this was a small jet aircraft, complete with standard navigational lights. It's course low and parallel to the unidentifieds. Little engine noise could be heard as it passed, nearby. I believe it to have been, what we refer to as a grid runner; a military fighter craft who's mission is to shadow any unidentified objects or craft entering their patrol space. (Grid runners are referred to as such, due to their crisscrossing flight patterns over assigned geographical areas. When grid runners are observed, you can be reasonably certain of UFO activity in the area.)

As the jet passed from view, I detected the fourth and final object moving in a northward direction, apparently following the previous three. Again, it was dim, red, and barely detectable.

I remember thinking, "probably, follow-up visits."

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