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cross-hair mark

A cross-hair marking is visible on "Lana's" upper breast area






Close-up view of symbol

- by Lynn Taylor 


I received the following e-mail correspondence from "Lana" [real name on file]:

I live in ..... Great Britain, am 27 years old and married with two kids...
I was getting changed yesterday afternoon and discovered these weird marks on my body. I waited for my husband to get home and I got him to do a search online. it was incredible as the same marks came up on your website. I can't remember anything unusual happening though.
It is definitely not from my hairdryer, as it is about the same size as a pound coin.
I went to see my doctor today and he said there is no medical explanation - it is not ring worm.
Photos enclosed
Please advise

(2nd letter)

Hi Lynn,
Thank-you for your reply. I have got my husband to take some more photos but the images have faded significantly. It is very much appreciated that you took the time to reply to me. I don't know whether to feel scared or excited. Have I been selected or marked?? It is really weird and bizarre.
Look forward to hearing back from you

"Lana" [real name on file]


Hi Lana;

Thank you for writing. No, it is not ring worm. It is not any sign of illness. And so far, there are no known medical instruments that could or would leave a mark such as the cross-hair mark. These marks are typically found on the breast, anywhere from above the areola, up to near the shoulder.

The other mark, I have not seen before. It looks more like a symbol. I am curious. It looks like the electronic symbol for a diode connected to a circle.

So far, we have only received reports of cross-hair marks from the US and GB. In many instances, the subject had no particular interest or involvement in anything to do with the paranormal or Ufology. The only link we have been able to establish with these areas thus far is circumstantial.

Would it be possible for you to have [your husband] take photos of your marks from a slightly greater distance? Unless you use a macro setting for close-up, the images will be out of focus, such as the ones that you took. It is most helpful if we can get the sharpest images possible before they fade away. They usually do not last more than 3-4 days from a photographic standpoint. If you have a graphics program, then you can crop the images to include only the mark. If you do not have a program to do cropping, you may send the originals and I will crop them and enhance them for you. Your confidentiality is assured.

Also, a good natural light usually works best. A flash tends to wash out a lot of the detail.

...If you have specific questions or concerns please let me know. I am here to help you in any way I can.

Best regards,

Lynn Taylor



Unexplained Body Marks and Scars

Updated: October 30, 2009
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