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Handbook for a New Paradigm?

Bill N. writes:


I like your website. Great job! I've only recently become more consciously aware of what's going on all around us. I'm wondering if you're familiar with "Handbook for a New Paradigm" and the subsequent volumes of messages that offer an avenue for re-claiming our sovereignty of this planet? I for one, believe that personal "empowerment" is an essential first step, and of course, I'm interested in connecting with like-minded individuals. 


Bill N.

Hi Bill,

Your note slipped through the cracks. My apology. I usually try to answer all letters, ASAP.

First, thank you for your compliment on our site. That means a lot to us...keeps us going!

I do have the "Handbook for the New Paradigm," but honestly, haven't had an opportunity to read through the whole thing, even though its a small book. One of my daughters and her friend, however, did read it and gave me a brief overview.

As for personal empowerment, I agree that it will likely be up to the average "little guy" to make that all important difference in the course we take as a species, rather than the leaders of our respective and collective societies. On a personal level, we [AAARC] chose to empower ourselves with the determination to seek out the answers to UFO/Alien and paranormal riddles that face our modern society and stretch into our past. We are not content to accept what is dished out to us by the government, "conventional wisdom," or even from other respected researchers in the field. We want to know the truth for ourselves.

Again, thanks for writing,

-- Lynn Taylor

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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