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New UFO Photos

On the morning of December 10th, 1998 at 2:26 AM, I videotaped a slow moving object as it passed my home, heading north. Using video capture equipment, I successfully extracted the following stills.

There are six untouched photos in sequence, and one closeup with an accompanying "edge defined" version. The angled slope of the bell shaped dome can plainly be seen. Also, image uab000540.jpg shows the object pasing behind a tree limb. The camera was focused on infinity. The limb being far enough away that it was in focus, confirms that the image was in focus, for all practical purposes.

The object appeared to be a brilliant white ball to the naked eye, and through the full color camera viewer. When reviewed on a big screen however, the yellow coloration of the plasma field surrounding the object was obvious.


uaa02002.jpg (8195 bytes)

uaa02036.jpg (33780 bytes)

uaa02070.jpg (8229 bytes)

uaa02104.jpg (8229 bytes)

uaa02138.jpg (8274 bytes)

uaa02172.jpg (8095 bytes)

uaa02172.jpg (8095 bytes)

Object changes attitude in  consecutive frames (Left and above).

UFO passes behind a tree branch (Right).

Gray object can be seen at the core of a plasma ball (lower left).

Edge defined image (lower right) clearly shows the outline of a bell shaped object.

uab000540.jpg (16698 bytes)

ua02002c.jpg (18731 bytes)

ua02002e.jpg (44250 bytes)

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