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Sentinel Files Q and A

by Lynn Taylor

The following questions are from Valerie Triesch (See "Intrepid Visitors visit Stepp Cemetery")

I was wondering how you got your interest in the 
paranormal and how long you've been studying it?

Hi Valerie,

I believe I've always been interested in the paranormal. Maybe it's because many of my family members have a certain degree of "intuition," including myself. As with Ufology, I started reading everything I could get my hands on, about twenty years ago. When I exhausted all the reading materials, I decided to take an active role in researching the subject. I have seen some amazing things.

Do you do this as a side project?

Wouldn't it be great to do this kind of work and actually get paid for it? But unfortunately, few people make a living doing paranormal or UFO research. Therefore, I refer to what I do as an "avocation" (That's a hobby with a fancy name.) The encouraging fact is, that there are no "experts" in either discipline. If someone tells you they ARE and expert, don't place a lot of stock in what they have to say. I have little respect for such types. All they know is what they have read in a book. I would rather hear from someone who has rolled up their sleeves and gone out into the field, and invested their time and resources to delve into the subject. You are a fine example. you went out and had an experience. Now you will build on that experience. There's one point I would like to make. Once you see or experience something that is not a normal part of your known universe, be it UFO or paranormal, your world and the way you view it, will forever change.

And my main question is this.... I have a great interest in paranormal and supernatural things but I also have a great fear of them. What can I do to overcome this? Any suggestions would be welcome.

You are full of excellent questions. Everyone learns to deal with fear in different ways. For me, if it is a normal daily problem, I sometimes get angry at it. Yes, anger! Anger is a powerful resource if channeled, focused, and controlled. It gives you the energy, and determination to overcome the obstacle or situation. But anger is the last tool you want to pull out of you bag of tricks when it comes to the paranormal. Anger is only reserved for obvious negative entities, otherwise known as "Demons." I have not run into one personally, but I would know if I encountered one. This is where it leaves the realm of logical science, and enters into matters of the spirit. Some go spiritually unprepared for an encounter. They are leaving themselves open to invasion and real spiritual harm. By yourself, you are no match for the dark ones who sometimes masquerade as the spirits of those who have crossed over. You must be able to discern the difference. How? You have to tap into a higher power, The source. The source is that from which you came, and to which you will one day return. Since I am a Christian, I refer to this source as God, or the Creator. When I walk into a darkened cemetery, I am not afraid, because I know that I hold authority over any negative force I might encounter. I envision a bubble or shield, if you will, which surrounds my being. Nothing negative can enter in. If you are a "new-ager" then you would visualize a shield of positive light energy, totally surrounding your body. If you are an Atheist, well; if you were, you probably wouldn't have been up there in the first place, that is, unless you were a debunker.

The other strategy I use is to try and remain detached, methodical, logical, and scientific. But when I take this approach, it's usually a wasted trip. Nothing happens.

If you open your mind and sense something, then they (the spirits) immediately know it. That's when they focus their attention on you, even more.

I guess I've said all of that to say this: Just keep on doing what you did before. Each time you will get a better sense of your surroundings and of the souls that are connected to that plot of land. That's when you will begin to overcome your fear. Remember, they will not harm you. You just have to learn to make a connection with the place. I feel as if they actually look forward to my visits, except for that one time. But, hey; everybody has a bad day now and then.

Oh, did I mention that you should use at least 400 speed film, and preferably, 800.

Kat is highly in tune to others emotions and I have a feeling that includes the dead as well as the living.

You are right on target again. What's the difference between those who have crossed over, and those who are still here? A physical body. a corporeal physical interface with the physical world. That's all. They still think, feel, and love. They are curious. They are even practical jokers, at times. They are possessive and territorial, just as we are. They are just "corporeally challenged."

Oh, and are you from Martinsville [IN]?

I live in Monroe County, just about three miles south of Morgan-Monroe State Forest.