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Serpent Mound
Crop Formation

south-central Ohio

In August of 2003 a huge crop circle, similar in complexity to those found in England, appeared in a soybean field in south-central Ohio. Strangely enough, it happened to be located right across the street from the entrance to the Great Serpent effigy mound, a site considered to be sacred to Native Americans. The complex is situated along the cliff's edge of a 300 feet high plateau.

The topology of the area is the result of geological upturning referred to as crypto-explosion. The Ohio Historical Society describes the area in the following manner:

Serpent Mound Disturbance

"This is an area of very unusual geology in which the bedrock has been greatly disturbed. The rock, which normally occurs in flat layers, is deformed and shattered, broken and mixed. In some places older rocks are found above younger rocks. This is quite different from the normal condition in which newer, younger rocks are laid down on top of the older rocks.

Scientists have proposed several theories to explain this highly unusual formation. These theories include the explosion of underground gasses, the impact of a comet or meteorite, or a volcanic explosion. So far, geologists have been unable to determine the exact nature of the cause.

The Serpent Mound Disturbance area is about five miles in diameter and lies in south central Ohio where Adams, Highland and Pike Counties come together. It is named for Serpent Mound, a prehistoric Indian earthwork, which is open to public visitation."


Another curiosity is that the crop circle is also situated between an earthen fault line on one side and a compression fault on the other. The crop circle is aligned so that the axis of the eye points directly at the Great Serpent Mound, located 3,000 feet away, up on the plateau.

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Specifications for "Eye" formation
- by Ted Robertson, AAARC

Drawing to demonstrate constituents of "Eye" Formation
- by Ted Robertson, AAARC

Many thanks to Jeffrey Wilson and Roger Sugden for these great aerial photos

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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