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UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

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Triangle UFO Spotted
over Bloomington

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Filed by Lynn Taylor

Date: Saturday November 13, 2004
Time: 7:10 PM local time
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Witnesses: 1

The witness (name on file) was southbound on north Walnut Street, approaching the intersection of State Highway 45 (north end of town) when she observed a large triangle-shaped object ahead and to her right. The object was traveling southeast, toward the busy intersection ahead. As the object approached north Walnut Street, the witness could see two red lights, one on the tip of each trailing edge. She also described the center of the craft as having an amber-colored light or lights that constantly changed shape. As the object crossed the intersection, the witness momentarily looked away to check the traffic conditions. When she looked up again to observe the craft, only a single red light was visible.

When the witness first described the object, an image of the Goodyear blimp popped into my mind, primarily because of the amber lighting that changed shapes. However, she was insistent that the object was triangle-shaped, and was not an advertising blimp. The witness indicated her confidence in the objectís shape because its lighting partially illuminated the underside. She further offered that the object was much too fast and low to be a blimp, anyway.

From her conversation and description of the sighting and my familiarity with the area, I would estimate the object was flying approximately 120 feet above the ground.


Sky conditions were clear, temperature was in the mid-forties.

All of Bloomington is usually very busy on Saturday at this time. I agree with the witness that it would be amazing if there were no other witnesses to the object.

I find the witnessís credibility high for two reasons:

1)   She is a trained, experienced observer, and has witnessed unidentified flying objects on prior occasions.

2)   I trained her. (She happens to be one of my daughters.) ♦


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