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Bloomington UFO Sighting
and Close Encounter

7:15 PM
Bloomington, Indiana (West 2nd St., near the “Twin Lakes” area)
: Mark and Alice Evans, AAARC team members
Sky Conditions:

Mr. Evans was observing the position of the Moon, which was approximately 45 degrees above the eastern horizon. His attention was shifted to a westbound object, flying past the moon, just to the north.

Mr. Evans stated that he first assumed the object to be a satellite until it stopped suddenly.

“That is what caught my eye. It then proceeded to go left [North] then stopped, and dropped down at an incredible rate of speed,” remarked Mr. Evans.

At this time, Mrs. Evans walked outside, whereupon, Mr. Evans pointed out the moving object to her. By now, the object, still moving westward, was almost overhead when it began to move from left to right, and glow brighter.

[Suddenly, a second] “shot of light… [like a] shooting star… [with the color and brilliance of] a magnesium flare, lit up the parking lot [as it flew] right above our heads," Mr. Evans explained.

When Mr. Evans looked up at the first object, it had turn and was heading back east in a 'wobbly' manner. It stopped again and stayed in one spot.

Mr. and Mrs. Evans got into their vehicle and headed for home. As Mr. Evans drove down the highway, he continued to watch the unidentified object in the sky through the rearview mirror. When the couple arrived at their home and exited their vehicle, both looked skyward to discover the object had vanished from sight.

Sighting reported by Mark Evans, and edited by Lynn Taylor


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