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1/5/2001 12:49:32 AM Eastern Standard Time

Hi folks-
Well, I saw a very unusual aircraft on my way home from work tonight.
From a distance, driving east on Indiana 45, I saw a bright yellow light with a white light, not as bright, next to it [on the same craft]
hovering in the sky.
There were tiny red lights on top, none on the belly.
As I rounded a bend [between Bloomington and New Unionville, Indiana] I saw that the craft was about 50 feet above treetop and crossing the road right to left, directly overhead.
I pulled off to watch and noticed other vehicles behind me had also done so.
There was no noise - I rolled down my window to listen - nothing.
As the craft passed over my car, I got a good look at it against 'night sky light pollution' from Bloomington - it was triangle-shaped, with a white light in each of the three wing tips
and appeared to be black in color.
A mile or so down the road, the snow looked blown across the road like drifting. The rest of the roadway was clear.
I thought "copter" at first, until I saw the thing.
Not like any I had ever seen.
It seemed like when motorists had pulled off to watch it flew away.