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UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies


They'll Do it Every Time!

-- by Lynn Taylor

 On November 12, 1999 WRTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis produced a special report entitled, "UFOs in Indiana?" The reporter was newcomer, Vickie Martin, who initially called me at home looking for fresh material. I informed her that UFO activity had been relatively slow over the past few months. I told that we had videotaped a few objects, but the quality was not good enough to air. I referred her to this website, and that was the last I heard from her until the Channel 6 story aired.

 Speaking from an observatory, Vickie posed questions to her viewers: "Is there something out there? Life on other planets?"

 State Mufon Director, Jerry Sievers, commented on investigations of UFO encounters: "We've got tons of eyewitness reports, backed up by physical evidence, implants, physical traces on the ground. There's so much evidence that if we took it to court today there's no doubt we'd win the case." (On that, I agree, wholeheartedly.)

 Vickie went on to talk about "Lucky Point," a remote, rural spot a few miles north of Vincennes, in the southwest part of Indiana, which I visited about three years ago. (Didn't see anything.) There was a time in the past when the location was considered to be a UFO "hot spot." According to Sievers, "hundreds" of UFO sightings have occurred in the area since the 1960s. "Things as mundane as points of light in the sky to black triangles 125 feet across hovering over the power lines."

 A man by the name of Emmett Snyder reported seeing a UFO out at Lucky Point. "While we were sitting out here in the middle of the field a light came on and moved in an arc. It focused on the ground and went out."

 Then Vickie turned her attention away from "Lucky Point" and began to talk about the UFO that John Tosti videotaped over Lake Monroe in Monroe County (Bloomington) That's about when they began showing old footage of John and myself. We were standing on a launch ramp down at the lake, during a sky watch outing about two years ago. WRTV's Jim Mooriston and his camera man accompanied us on that trip.

 Next, was the subject of abductions. "Sandi," an abductee, described a vivid visitation: "In this room it seemed like these little gray people that came up to my waist showed me around. I go from looking at experiments to all of the sudden on this table and the next thing I remember is a drill. They told me they implanted a 'BB' sized object in my sinus and it would be like a homing device."

 Now here's where the whole segment "goes south." Vicky wrapped things up with a few patronizing words; "There's no doubt Sandi, Jerry, and Emmett believe we are not alone in this vast universe. To those who don't believe, all they ask is, 'Why not?'" This is the point when Clyde Lee turned to his co-anchor with a smirky grin and said, "Well, I think I'd have to see it for myself." To that, Vickie agreed, "I think I would, too." There has to be some unwritten rule among reporters and journalists; ALWAYS distance yourself from the subject of UFOs and aliens with an obligatory chuckle, joke, funny face, etc. I know you know what I'm talking about. They always dismiss the subject as a joke (or with a joke), and make the witnesses out to be liars and/or crack pots. You can always count on it. They'll do it every time!

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