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Dramatic Rise




by: Lynn Taylor

Recent months have brought about a dramatic increase in unexplained body markings, most of the “cross-hair” variety. Thus far, the only reports we have received concerning cross-hair marks have been from the United States and The United Kingdom. Whether the phenomenon is unique to the US and the UK, or if it is more of a language barrier issue, we do not know at this point. Only time will tell on that score, but if it turns out that there is some unique aspect to the United States and Great Britain, then I imagine that will open a whole other can of worms.

Since 2005, reports began coming in concerning unexplained body marks of various types. Most notable of them has been the “cross-hair” type characterized by two or more concentric circles, divided into quadrants by two intersecting lines. The marks are somewhat raised and red in color, and resemble a burn injury. They generally last for several days or weeks before eventually fading away.



Man "Solves"
Cross-hair Mark

(Now we can all go home. - LT)

From Steve T:

"Hello. Yesterday afternoon my mother found the exact same crosshair marking on her shoulder and one half formed on her other shoulder. We were baffled as to how it got there and researched it the entire night only to find no results or help. The closest thing we could find was your website. I found it truly remarkable that it is mostly found on women and on the shoulder region. We tried every which way to logically explain it. All day today we consulted with our co-workers and no one heard of anything like it. Read more...



Woman finds
Dotted Markings
on her Body

Dotted Circle Mark

Multiple Dotted Circular Markings

"Alice" (pseudonym) writes:

The reason for me [writing] is because of the markings that appeared on my body last night. As I was getting ready to take a shower I noticed two rings one above the other and smaller dots inside the rings. [They do] not itch, hurt and [they are] not bumpy and one of the rings looks as if [it] got wider. I would like to know what you might think it could be... I just find it bizarre that it drove me nuts thinking what I could of sat on that would leave a mark that [still] has not went away? Please response as soon as possible. I have sent pictures as an attachment so you have a better Idea of what I am seeing.



"Cross-hair" Marking





by: Lynn Taylor


Cross-hair Marking

"Diode & Circle" Symbol

"Lana" (pseudonym) writes:

"I live in Great Britain am 27 years old and married with two kids.
I was getting changed yesterday afternoon and discovered these weird marks on my body. I waited for my husband to get home and I got him to do a search online. it was incredible, as the same marks came up on your website. I can't remember anything unusual happening though.
It is definitely not from my hairdryer as it is about the same size as a pound coin.
I went to see my doctor today and he said there is no medical explanation - it is not ring worm.




"Cross-hair" Marking
Reported from Great Britain

Another cross-hair marking with two concentric rings


"J" writes:

"I have been searching for 3 years to find some answers to the strange mark that suddenly appeared on my left leg. I am so excited to find marks just like mine. I thought I was the only person in the world. ..."



Unexplained Body Marks and Scars

Updated: October 30, 2009
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