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Man "Solves" Cross-hair Mark Mystery!

(Now we can all go home. - LT)


Reported by Lynn Taylor

From Steve T:

"Hello. Yesterday afternoon my mother found the exact same crosshair marking on her shoulder and one half formed on her other shoulder. We were baffled as to how it got there and researched it the entire night only to find no results or help. The closest thing we could find was your website. I found it truly remarkable that it is mostly found on women and on the shoulder region. We tried every which way to logically explain it. All day today we consulted with our co-workers and no one heard of anything like it. My sister just got home from work about five minutes ago and told my mom to look at the metal piece at the tip of her hair dryer. It was the exact same shape of the crosshair skin marking on her shoulder. She held the hair dryer too close and burned herself. It explains all questions about the marking (i.e. predominantly on women, shoulder region, no clue as to how it got there because no activities or routines were disrupted). So there you have it, the answer to the crosshair mystery. Glad I could help!"

-Steve T-


Hello Stephen;

Thank you for writing. About a year ago, I received an e-mail similar to yours from a man in California who was convinced that he too had solved the riddle of the cross-hair mark, that women were somehow concentrating their blow dryers over a given area of skin and self-inflicting these marks. If that was the case, then we would not be talking about an unexplained phenomena, we would be looking at a hoax, because the subject would surely remember the pain associated with holding a blow dryer close to the skin long enough to affect a burn mark. Further, cross-hair marks have not been limited to women. Two Italian brothers vacationing in England reported that one of them woke up with a cross-hair mark on his chest (and no blow dryers). To top it all off, I just received a report of a woman who had two cross-hair marks form on her body spontaneously and in front of her co-workers while at work on August 26, 2009. I have been studying this phenomena since 2004, and I still do not have so much as a good guess as to what the root cause is, but I do feel fairly safe in ruling out blow dryers as the culprit.

You are right, in that many of these marks appear around the shoulder region, but several have also been found on the breast, right above the areola. Now that would be a pretty sensitive spot to even accidentally hold a hot blow dryer for any length of time!

Is your mother absolutely certain about her recall of burning herself with her blow dryer? I ask this because human memory is very malleable. In fact, it might be a good idea to have her answer a few background questions if she would be willing. Let me know.

Best Regards,

Lynn Taylor

Note: After I answered Steve's letter, I received no further correspondence from him.



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