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J's Cross-Hair Marking

J's marking displays the familiar cross-hair  pattern.

The color inverted image above better illustrates J's mark. 

Report by Lynn Taylor 


I received the following e-mail correspondence from J:

E-mail 1

I have been searching for 3 years to find some answers to the strange mark that suddenly appeared on my left leg. I am so excited to find marks just like mine. I thought I was the only person in the world.
When I first noticed it in February 2004, it was white, like scar tissue (I never saw it red like the markings on your site). It stayed there for a number of months, then started fading. By about October I could no longer see it.
However, looking back at photos of me from this time, I was a lot slimmer. So recently I have lost some weight and it seems to be re-appearing on my leg. It also looks like there is something similar, though very faint, on my right leg in the same position. I believe that if I lose another 3/4 stone (10lbs), the original mark will become visible again. ...
...The first 3 photos are just natural un-enhanced shots, whereas "blue leg" was where we messed about with colour variations to show the best contrast.
I look forward to hearing from you...
With best wishes,

(36 years old)



Just looking at the photos again [images on], I notice that both the others ["B's" and "C's"] have their marks on, or next to, a mole... just like mine.

I did have a white light experience before the mark appeared. I was at home, experimenting with meditation ... when I experienced lots of lights, like souls, all talking to me and giving me information, telling me the right thing to do with my life. It was so much information, all up-lifting and positive. So much information that I couldn't remember a single thing that was said, but I know that it was all great. This could have lasted 40 minutes or 4 hours...I don't know! I was not aware of the time. ...

... I noticed the mark on my leg soon after this.

I always felt that mine was incomplete - and mark "B" looks like the full version of my mark. And mark "C" is exactly the same as mine, only upside down!!


----------------- Excerpted Reply -----------------


Hi "J",

Thank you for writing and sending the photo images of your marking. You will be interested to know that one of the images posted on our "marks and scars" page belongs to a woman ("B") who also lives in England.

So far, the only reported marks of this nature have come from either GB or the US. I suspect that has more to do with language barriers than anything else.

I always point out that an unexplained experience such as yours usually does not happen in a vacuum. Closer examination of one's history generally reveals other strange or unexplained occurrences.

We can only postulate as to the origin of these markings. For my part, I'd rather believe aliens are somehow involved than to find out  that our governments are responsible. ...

... You mentioned that you were meditating. Meditation seems to be a catalyst or facilitator for opening up "portals" between our dimensions and other realms, wherein, all sorts of strangeness can take place. The problem is, once these portals are opened, it is sometimes difficult to close them back. It is not unlike the way a Ouija board works. It's not the board itself that opens portals, as it is merely aids in focusing the meditation process. Previously, I had not given a lot of credence to this concept. That was before I read George Knapp's book,  "Hunt for the Skinwalker," which chronicles the research done by  NIDS (The National Institute for Discovery Science []) at a mysterious ranch in northwest Utah, near the Ute [Indian] reservation. The book describes how a researcher opened up a visible portal into another dimension, through which a humanoid creature crawled out and ran off into the night. I highly recommend George's book to anyone interested in learning more about the true nature of the universe in which we live. It is apparently stranger that our wildest imaginings.

Best Regards,

Lynn Taylor


Note: Readers who may be able to offer additional information concerning the type of mark that "B" received,
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Unexplained Body Marks and Scars

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