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Multiple Arcing

Red Spots

Multiple arcs composed of a series of red spots


- by Lynn Taylor

I received the following e-mail correspondence from "Alice" (pseudonym):


The reason for me [writing] is because of the markings that appeared on my body last night. As I was getting ready to take a shower I noticed two rings one above the other and smaller dots inside the rings. [They do] not itch, hurt and [they are] not bumpy and one of the rings looks as if [it] got wider. I would like to know what you might think it could be... I just find it bizarre that it drove me nuts thinking what I could of sat on that would leave a mark that [still] has not went away? Please response as soon as possible. I have sent pictures as an attachment so you have a better Idea of what I am seeing.

2nd e-mail:

I am writing to anyone that [might] see this and is able to explain what my marks are. I noticed them last night (1-26-2008) at 10:00 PM, I was about to get into the shower and was looking at myself and turned from side to side and saw this weird impression on my skin. I was amazed and a little scared just because it was so big and could not explain it. I went to show my boyfriend and he was like, "Did you sit on something?" I was like, "No!" But what's so weird is that it is still there today. I drove myself nuts thinking that I sat on something and just didn't feel it? I will be sending pictures of what I am seeing, in hopes that someone could explain it to me before I consult a dermatologist. I do want to mention that when I was a baby, as told to me by my mother, I experienced paranormal events.

I'd like to let you know also that the marks do not itch or hurt or feel bumpy like a ring worm.




Dear "Alice,"

Thank you for contacting us regarding your unexplained markings. First, let me say that I have not seen markings quite like yours. What I see is two complete sets of marks, one above the other, comprised of a series of red spots that suggest a skin reaction to pressure and/or reactive contact with a physical object. In other words, an object or device was brought into contact with your skin in such a way that it either bruised, burned, or otherwise was reactive to the material that the object was made of, such as galvanic or allergic reaction.

Each set appears to be comprised of  two concentric arc lines, encompassing a series of reaction points that form a square grid pattern. I do not believe your marks are in any way related to insect bites due to the complex and repeated patterns.

There are a couple of possible mundane explanations for you marks: First, you would have to be wearing jeans that contained decorative metal studs on the hip area and arranged in a similar pattern. Second, your skin would have to come into contact with the metal studs (no undergarments). The second possibility would be that you sat on something that formed the patterns on your hip. I believe, however, that you would have remembered such an event.

Absolutely yes, do see a dermatologist in order to treat and/or eliminate the possibility of any skin related conditions. Be sure to ask the doctor to state his opinion, not only as to the cause, but to the nature of the marks. (Was it bruising, burns, allergic reaction, etc.)

Note: I submitted a series of questions to "Alice," but I have yet to receive any follow-up correspondence.

- Lynn




Unexplained Body Marks and Scars

Updated: October 30, 2009
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