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UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies


The Bathroom Alien

alien1.jpg (16001 bytes)

  These images were derived from a Polaroid photograph taken by John Tosti, in March of 1998.

   For some reason which he did not understand, John felt a sudden compulsion to grab the camera, rush into the bathroom, and snap a picture of the wall, over the stool.

alien1e.jpg (25833 bytes)

alien1cp.jpg (11577 bytes)

  Top left image shows the left eye (barely visible) wide open, while the right eye appears to be partially closed.

Top right image is enhanced. It reveals some sort of structure on the forehead between the right eye and the nose area.

Image on left is a composite of two right halves, one inverted and stitched to the other, for illustrative purposes.

Sketch on right is for illustrative purposes.

alien1sk.jpg (7622 bytes)

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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