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Bloomington UFO Sighting

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Object beginning to emit a cloud-like vapor  Cloud enveloping object Object attitude at 23 degrees Enhanced image reveals surface features on under-side resembling induction ports Enhanced dome portion reveals two or possibly three rectangular windows

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--Reported by Lynn Taylor

Date: circa January 28, 2003

At approximately 8:15 in the evening, a disk-shaped object was spotted over the city of Bloomington, Indiana by UFO researcher John and Susan Tosti. Traveling along Snoddy road on the city's southeast side, the couple happened onto a brightly lit object which, appeared to be hovering close to a nearby cell-phone tower. Fortunately, John had his video camera with him, and was able to record the object as it rocked back and forth, and moved around the tower light.

John indicated that a cloud began to form around the outside of the object, gradually shrouding it from their view. John further indicated that, at one point, the object blinked out, then back on. As the object left the area, a low-flying jet aircraft passed over John's and Susan's location. [Note: It is not at all uncommon to observe military aircraft flying in close proximity to Unidentified Flying Objects.] 

Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that the area where this sighting took place is very close to the Tibetan Cultural Center. This is the same area of Bloomington where numerous UFO sightings have taken place in the past.

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