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Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging

UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies


The Bottom Road Sighting

--by Lynn Taylor

16JUL96 - Tuesday (11:00 PM)

Tonight Jana (my youngest daughter) and I met with some friends "on the hill," for an evening of sky watching. It was 10:30, and with nothing happening, we all broke up for the evening. I was previously alerted to the near nightly flyovers of UFOs down around the Bottom Road area, so I decided to swing by on the way home and check it out.

We were parked not more than ten minutes when I saw a high flying yellowish light come out of the west and proceed north over a big field on the west side of the road. The object was too high to be certain at first what I was looking at. I decided to tape it even though I knew it was probably too high to be picked up by the camera. I thought it would be good sighting practice. As the object traveled northward, I watched as it blinked off then back on twice before it finally blinked out, not to be seen again. There were no clouds in the sky that evening to account for what I had just observed.

About five minutes had passed, and I was still staring north, up Bottom Road, when a round, yellow-orange glowing object about two thirds the size of a full moon and of similar brilliance appeared just above the tree line, right where I was looking. It initially came on at full brilliance, then dimmed down. Without changing positions, it came on again, but at half brilliance, then dimmed down. Once more it came on at half brilliance, but this time it dimmed out and never reappeared.

I had the distinct impression that the performance I had just witnessed was meant exclusively for me. It was a personal message which seemed to be saying, "You may be watching us, but we are watching you as well!" and, " You should not get too close. You should just go away."

My response was not to go away, but to pursue them. I jumped back in my van and headed north to a spot near where the object appeared. I parked on a lonely and remote dead end road, got out and took up a position about thirty feet in front of the van. I turned on my video camera just in case there was something to record. It went right back off. Again, I turned it on, and again it went off. The battery was drained! I had just charged it before I left home, and it had no more than ten minutes of use before hand. This particular battery had never given me trouble before. Fortunately, I had a spare in the van, having been warned previously about the proclivity of UFOs to zap a fully charged camera battery. I soon had the camera up and running again, but the object never reappeared.

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