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Stepp Cemetery Photos

These photos were taken at the legendary Stepp Cemetery in Morgan-Monroe State Forest.
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stepfog1.jpg (25598 bytes) stepfog2.jpg (45391 bytes) stepfog3.jpg (55207 bytes) stepfog4.jpg (37243 bytes)

Partial body forms and faces can be seen in this photo. (Tosti) 

Phantom fog can be seen surrounded by many white and blue orbs. (Tosti)

Phantom fog seems to be coming right out of the tomb stone, as floating orbs fill the air. (Tosti)

Mysterious orange light turns up recurrently in cemetery photos. This is not a camera, film, strap, or operator problem. (Tosti)


steptdth.jpg (33951 bytes)

stepp100.jpg (35259 bytes)

stepju3a.jpg (54591 bytes)

stepju3b.jpg (25349 bytes)

I call this one "The Trap Door to Hell". (Tosti) A fast moving white orb is captured by the camera, along with a red beam of light. The red beam is not the result of accidental film exposure. (Tosti) A close-up view of a small orb floating near a tombstone. It's surface texture resembles the soft puffy nature of a cloud. Small tendrils can be seen, as well.  (Taylor)

An even closer view of the object to the left.



stepju5.jpg (48708 bytes)

stepjun6.jpg (351273 bytes)

stepps1a.jpg (18680 bytes)

stepsglb1.jpg (33059 bytes)

Another small white orb.

An asymmetrical orb

Eerie phantom fog rises from a tombstone.

Black and white photo of a globe (above and left of tombstone).


stepfb1.jpg (61027 bytes)

stepglb20.jpg (77606 bytes)

stepglb21.jpg (43421 bytes)

stepglb22.jpg (57633 bytes)

My wife is followed by a white orb, as she strolls through the cemetery. Notice the puffy, and irregular surface texture of the orb.

Up in the trees, the largest of, at least, five orbs displays an asymmetrical shape.

Another orb under a big pine tree toward the rear of the cemetery. (See enlarged inset)

An orb floating near the ground. It's three dimensional globular shape is readily apparent in the enlarged inset.


stepjun7.jpg (60234 bytes)

stepju4.jpg (40843 bytes)

Two asymmetrical globes at Stepp Cemetery.

Strange red glow reappears in this photo taken at Stepp Cemetery. Photos taken before and after contained normal coloration.


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