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Crane NSWD & Sevier Co. TN

Cloud Anomalies

(Fallstreak Hole*)

These cloud anomaly images (left) were captured over the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Division reservation in Greene County, Indiana. They reveal a mysterious cloud-like object above Greenwood Lake, moving against the wind and breaking through an overhead cloud bank.

Other witnesses claimed to have observed structured objects entering and exiting the water of Greenwood Lake on separate occasions.


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These cloud anomalies (left) were observed over English Mountain in Sevier County, Tennessee. What we see in these images is what you might call "the smoking gun." But according to the Tennessee photographer, the "bullet" was a disk-shaped craft. Our witnesses (two men) did not indicate having seen a structured flying object in the area where the cloud anomaly was observed, and it's entirely possible that they did not. On the other hand, the object may have actually been obscured by the disk-shaped cloud, seen punching a hole in the cloud bank. The last in the series is a wide-angle view that shows multiple, thick contrails, crisscrossing the area. Some refer to this as "grid-running," a patrol tactic reportedly used by military aircraft, when defending a designated sector of airspace.

Also notable is the fact that the nearest and largest contrail (right side of picture) is laid out at nearly a right angle to the trajectory of the disk-shaped craft. The angle and texture of the contrail is not consistent with the characteristics of the contrail leading up into the cloud bank. Therefore, the second contrail does not appear to be the result of the disk's incursion into the area.

Based on our personal observations, I believe it is highly probable that a jet aircraft was responsible for the disk's rapid exit from the area. (-- Lynn Taylor)


The photographer's eyewitness account follows:

 "I live in Sevier County Tennessee near a small community called Chestnut Hill and on 1/4/06 at approx. 8:18am (EST) I was out on my front porch about to sweep the leaves off when I glanced out at English Mountain. I noticed a very large oval disc-like silvery-white object, darker around the bottom and bottom edges, in the sky just above and south of English Mountain. Immediately it looked strange because you could tell that it wasn't a cloud because of it's perfect oval disc-like shape. From the couple of minutes that I was able to observe it there seemed to be some distinct geometrical patterns associated with it such as squares running from the far edges reaching inward towards the top of the object. Something similar to the latitude and longitude lines you'd see on a map. The object wasn’t moving at first and then approx. 2 minutes or so, maybe less, the object began rising upward very slow and suddenly shot straight up and out of sight as if it winked out, simply disappearing. When it shot straight up it punched thru a thin layer of cloud cover leaving a hole in the clouds exactly the same shape as the object itself. There also appeared to be a wisp of smoke or cloud vapor of some sort that seemingly trailed the object as it broke thru the clouds. English Mountain is directly south of my home and it appeared that the object was somewhat further south of English Mountain and not directly over it. From my standpoint I would estimate that the object was 1 to 2 miles from my location and higher than English Mountain which is 3600 ft. That would make the object very large in diameter if I was able to discern the lines and shape from that distance. As soon as I saw that the object left the hole in the clouds with the smoke trail I went inside and got my camera and took these photos which were taken within the first 3 to 5 minutes after the hole was made. The photos are still on my digital camera and have not been erased."

Sevier County eyewitness account courtesy of George Filer/Mufon (Filer's Files #04 -- 2006)
Original images located at:



*Fallstreak Hole:

(From Wikipedia)

A fallstreak hole (also: hole punch cloud and punch hole cloud) is a large circular gap that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Such holes are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing but the water has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation particles. When a portion of the water does start to freeze it will set off a domino effect, due to the Bergeron process, causing the water vapor around it to freeze and fall to the earth as well. This leaves a large, often circular, hole in the cloud.[1]

It is believed that a disruption in the stability of the cloud layer, such as that caused by a passing jet, may induce the domino process of evaporation which creates the hole. Such clouds are not unique to one geographic area and have been photographed from the United States to Russia.[2]



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