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3-ring Cross-Hair Marking

3-ring cross-hair marking

This above image, submitted by an Ohio couple, appears to be a variant of the "cross-hair" marking. The primary difference is that it contains an a third concentric ring.

3-ring drawing

Andre' included a drawing (left), along with a written notation regarding the following features:

The "Y" in the center; three concentric circles; three short lines outside the center ring; six short lines outside the middle ring; several equidistant dot marks, located on the outer edge of the outside ring.


Report by Lynn Taylor 


I received the following letter from Andre' in Ohio, along with the above images:

Hello! My name is Andre',

I live in Toledo, Ohio along with my girlfriend. She is rather bashful so I will omit her name for now. On the morning of Sept. 28, 2005, my girlfriend woke up about 9:00 AM. While getting ready for a shower she noticed a strange marking on the underside of her left breast. It was a perfect 3 circle design, a Y in the middle, and red in color. After her shower she thought maybe it would wipe off, but it didn't! At about 9:40 AM, I woke up. She asked me to take a look at it because she was even more concerned about it by this time. We thought maybe there was something on the bed or couch that would imitate this odd design. We found nothing! There is nothing that she laid on that could have created this design! It's the strangest thing we have ever witnessed together! After a week or so, the mark began to diminish. By now, Oct 20, 2005, it's down to a simple tiny pinkish quarter-inch blur; no more circle.

Here are some other strange things that took place before the marking:

A few days before the mark appeared, we both woke up about a minute apart with extreme "charley-horse" pain in the lower portion of our left legs.

When she was younger she saw Angels and Dove spirits.

A year ago in our house, she saw an image of a tall man dressed in 1800's clothing wearing a brimmed hat, sitting on the edge of one of our chairs.

We have both heard the sound of someone walking up or down our stairs. Rumbling on the stairs. Someone calling our names at different times.

Light bulbs in a specific area of the house going out after being used for about a month. The pull chain for the bedroom light came on for no reason at all! I actually heard the click of the switch when it happened! Two of our "touch" lamps came on frequently without cause.

We have eight working phones, and only one would light up, and at exactly 8:45 PM, three times a week! It would light up but would not ring! None of the phones would ring.

In the living room we have three pendulum clocks. From time to time only two clocks would stop on the same day, and sometimes start up again without any help. The third clock continues without interruption! The clocks are not made by the same companies.

We have four dogs of different breeds. Our black Labrador-Great Dane mix is the only one that has Orbs around her in her photographs. Now she an "X" design on her chest in black hair color. The white crest of hair on her chest is where the black "X" is located.

I don't know what's going on, but it sure sounds like Spirits, Ghost, or Alien type activity! Even my girlfriend said, "Who would have come in here and put this on me? How could they do this without me waking up? I wonder what they want? Why me? What did I do to deserve this contact??" My answer is...I don't know!


AAARC Response:

Hello Andre'

Thanks for writing. Yes, I agree that your circumstances are intriguing, but they do fit a pattern of events that we have seen many times. On our site, you will notice that we research the paranormal, as well as, ufology. What drew us to consider paranormal matters (poltergeist activity, orbs, voices, etc.) along-side UFO research, were their many shared characteristics. We suspect that certain aspects of alien technology have been developed, based on the same inter-dimensional physics associated with earthly paranormal phenomena.

It is often the case that individuals reporting close encounters also experience paranormal events in their lives. Why exactly this is the case, is still a subject of discussion and research. My best guess is that the key is often the individual at the center of these processes.

A good starting point in understanding the dynamics of your friend's case would be to review her personal and family history, regarding similar or other unexplained events. Upon reflection, she may recall other instances that did not quite "add up." As well, it would be useful to query her family members regarding strange events in their lives. She may be surprised to hear similar stories from them. An important point to keep in mind is, her marking did not occur in a vacuum. That aliens would randomly single out your friend on this one occasion to do whatever it was that they did, is highly unlikely. Previous to this experience, she either had a personal or family history  of alien "close encounters." If no family history exists, then she should consider her more recent associations as a possible starting point, such as a friend she may have spent some time with; perhaps you.

I should say that, save for her marking, everything else would point exclusively to an earthly paranormal situation. However, ghosts do not "brand" people.

We have no definitive proof, however, logic suggests these markings to be the result of physical contact with some sort of instrument. We can only speculate as to its purpose.

Their is another component to the alien mystery. It seems that abductees and CE experiencers in general, often develop a heightened psychic awareness of all things paranormal. This may in turn cause them to become "magnates," of a sort, for spirit or other ethereal energies. (Strange stuff starts to happen.)

Please sit down together and consider everything I have mentioned. Afterward, let me know if you are able to further connect the dots to other events in your lives.


Note: Those with additional information regarding "cross-hair" markings, or other unexplained body marks and scars are asked to E-mail AAARC at:

Thank you

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