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CW's Double Cross-Hair Markings

"CW's" cross-hair markings
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Two cross-hair markings are visible on "CW"s right shoulder

Enhanced cross-hair image
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Enhanced view

Closeup image
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Close-up view of prominent mark

Reported by Lynn Taylor 


I received the following e-mail correspondence from M:

"I have come across your website, while trying to figure out what this marking meant. This happened to my co-worker. You can call her a God's servant; [a] total Christian. So when I suggested her being abducted, she really got freaked out.

Unlike your other stories, she did not notice any marking on Saturday morning. She did her thing that day then came back home that evening, and that's when she noticed the marking.

Right away, she knew that something un-natural had happened. She traced back all of her activities that day, trying to figure what could have caused these two markings that looked like branding, but could not come up with any answers.

I met up [with] her on Monday morning, and I noticed her telling me about a dream. A dream where she was being chased by a lion. She does not usually have dreams like this.

That night (Monday), she showed me her markings. Like your article, marks are on her shoulders; perfect geometric symbols. [They are] hexagon with a circle in the middle.

[The] marked areas are definitely raised and look burned, but she told me that she did not feel any pain."

- submitted by M (name on file)

Note: Readers who may be able to offer additional information concerning the type of mark that "B" received,
are asked to please write to:



Unexplained Body Marks and Scars

Updated: February 01, 2008
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