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Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging

UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies


Dancing with the Sun

-- by Lynn Taylor


Perhaps it was El Nino that delayed the approach of Autumn in Southern Indiana. Whatever the reason for unseasonable warmth, no one could say with certainty. One fact was obvious, however; It was just too nice of a day for John and Susan to be indoors. It had not been a month since baby Michael was born, but a long month it was, what with the 2 AM feedings and all. It was time to load the baby into the car along with little Ivy Rose, still a baby herself, and head out into the countryside to take in the beautiful Fall foliage.

They were still in their driveway when John noticed nine or ten "weird looking clouds" south of their home. John described them as being dark and rounded on the top, like a half circle. What looked like rain or a mist was "dripping" from the bottom, in a V shape. Whatever was dripping from underneath, fell only a short distance before dissipating. He was standing beside the car with Susan marveling at this site, when they noticed the "Slinky"-like clouds stretched across the sky.

After a few minutes, John and Susan proceeded south toward Lake Monroe in Monroe county, still discussing the strangeness of the clouds near the house. Just after crossing the dam on the south end of the lake, something caught John's attention off to his right. Intuition (I suppose,) told John to look at the sun, which was made possible due to it's position in the late afternoon sky. There they were, hiding in the red glow of the setting sun; three oblong objects moving around, switching positions, and occasionally performing "figure eights". As Susan drove, John described what his was witnessing, and at the same time questioning his own perceptions. Maybe they were clouds, he thought. No sooner did that thought surface, when the objects jumped from out of the sun to take up positions around it. There, they continued their surreal dance, constantly changing positions while performing a myriad of aerobatic feats.

"Look! Look! Check this out!", John shouted to Susan.

From the driver's seat Susan responded; "I can't look - someone's on my tail. I'll have to find a place to pull over."

Baby Michael began to cry as Susan searched for a safe place to stop. By the time the car rolled to a stop, the objects could no longer be seen due to hills and trees in the area.

This would be a good time to feed and change the baby, but all the while Susan was becoming miffed at having been unable to see the objects first-hand. Once more on the road, Susan began expressing her frustrations to John. By now, the sun was about to set as their car topped a hill and neared the approach of a private driveway. It was there that the same three objects came into view again. One object was moving away at a "weird" angle, while another moved toward John and his family.
Later on, John declared to me, "Lynn, they were huge! I mean huge, like the ship over New York (City) in (the movie) Independence Day!" He went on to describe them as being orange/white in color.

Moments later, John and Susan were still parked near the private driveway when they attracted the attention of someone in a house nearby. Becoming paranoid at being watched, Susan drove on down the road a short distance, then stopped near another driveway. When the couple turned to look at the objects again, they had vanished. With no more to see, John and Susan drove on into Bedford to get a bite to eat, and then started for home. On the way back, they spotted two anomalous objects, and another "corkscrew" cloud formation.

John got out of the car first, when they arrived home. That's when he noticed two balls of light crisscrossing one another directly above the house. Concerned for the safety of his young family, John decided to get Susan and the kids inside quickly. A few moments later, John stepped outdoors to see if the objects were still present in the sky. When he looked southward, he saw a bright disk shaped object moving in his direction. He could see flashing lights on the object as it passed overhead.

John stated to me, "Something in my head told me to go get a camera." He began taking pictures and videos of the disk as it move through, and out of the area. Then he said, "Something told me to grab the still camera and run into the back yard, then look over toward this light pole, so I did. And as soon as I did, there was this disk that was real low - almost- I mean it was like scraping the trees right above that light pole, and so I took like, eight pictures of that (the disk)." I asked what color the disk was, and he replied that when he first spotted it, the color was "the flair looking color", but gradually changed to white. He went on to describe a "funny humming noise" emanating from the craft.

After the object disappeared from view, John began seeing balls of light again, this time moving back and forth behind the trees. He continued to photograph for a while, but soon he began to feel "swamped", that's when he called me to come down. While awaiting my arrival, John was seeing little lights zipping around him as he stood in the back yard. He described them as "tracers"; little white lights with tails, which would sometimes leave a "squiggley" line in the air as it flew.

After a quick briefing on the day's events, I loaded up my equipment and headed south. On the way down, I stopped to video tape two (what I believed to be) fighter jets heading in John's direction. Once at John's house, we resolved to return to the "scene of the crime", south of Lake Monroe, in hopes of picking up the trail of the strange disk shaped objects seen earlier, dancing with the sun.

After John and Susan loaded the kids into the car, I followed close behind as they proceeded south. We traveled a short distance when we pulled over to watch several amber glowing objects moving across the sky, and one moving up from the ground. In just a few moments, two jets entered the area, and the objects responded by moving away. We loaded up again, and continued our journey toward the lake area.

When we arrived at our destination, I could see it was a lonely, remote section of gravel road, bordering a Soya bean field to the east. John and I stepped out of our vehicles to get a clear look at the sky conditions. The clouds were in the form of long streaks stretched north to south, and moving sideways toward the east. John had his eye on a bright light in the sky, east of our position. Calling it to my attention, he asserted that he had in fact, witnessed it moving. I did notice it earlier, but the object seemed to be planted firmly in the sky. I remember twice lining it up with fixed objects, in an effort to detect any movement. I scrutinized the light through my binoculars, and what I saw was red, yellow and green colors blending with one another. I have witnessed stars with that same look before, therefore, I was certain the object had to be a star, and I stated as much to John. "But Lynn, I really did see it move!" he insisted.

"Okay then," I responded, "We'll just keep an eye on it."

I did see this "star" dim out three times, so I reasoned this was because of the clouds passing through. But the nagging problem with my theory was; there seemed to be more clouds than openings, yet this star, or whatever it was, only dimmed briefly each time.
A few minutes later, John asked Susan to turn their car cross-ways of the road, then he began a series of Morris code-like flashes of the headlights in the direction of the object. Forty five minutes went by when Susan turned the car around and faced it toward the main road. John was apologetic for dragging me down there for nothing, when looking over his shoulder, I saw the damned thing move! At first, ever so slightly, but as I was alerting John to it's changing position, the object picked up speed, and moved out of sight quickly. "I told you it moved! I told you it moved!" John shouted.

This is a simple lesson I seem doomed to learn over and over; DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!

We stood there trying to assess everything that just happened, when we got a glimpse of an amber colored light crossing the main road to the west. Within two minutes, the cloud bank overhead began to light up. We watched as an object broke through the clouds, directly over our heads. It was at least as big as an airliner, and had three large white lights in a triangle configuration. They seemed to possess a fixed brilliance along with a synchronized strobing effect. It also had a large red strobing light in the middle. It flew low and slow as it headed south, finally climbing back into the clouds. The engine was running on my van, so any noise the craft might have made was obscured.

At this point, we all decided to call it a night and head for home. Although it would be out of my way, I elected to follow John and Susan home, just in case trouble might follow. I Flashed my headlights to signal them as they pulled into their driveway.
By now it was 1:30 in the morning, and Susan had grown increasingly tired over the course of the evening. But as she stopped the car, Susan turned to John and said, "I want to go back down there."

John confided to me the next day, "This was totally out of character for her. By 11:30 or Midnight she's ready to call it a day, even if there are things flying around. If one [a UFO] landed right in front of her, she would still be ready to go home. But now she's saying, 'we need to go - we need to go right now!'. I kind of had the feeling she knew something about something , so I was like, okay, so we took off."

As they began to cross the dam, they could see on the far end and off to the left, a diamond shaped ship, yellow-orange in color, hovering out over the water just in front of the launch ramp. John turned to Susan and yelled, "Stop the car! ... What is that thing?"

Susan echoed, "what the hell is that?" as John exited the car with camera in hand to get a better look. Leaning over the top of the car, he snapped off a picture. With the flash of the camera, the object dimmed down. By now Susan was screaming, "Look at that! Look at that that! - Oh my god, what is that!"

John continued flashing more pictures, as the object remained motionless. Susan said, "We've got to go over there to get the proof." They proceeded across the dam, then turned down a road that leads to the launch ramp. Susan drove all the way down to the water's edge, where they looked to find the object gone.

At this point, the pair decided to return to their previous vantage point. To their amazement, the object re-materialized in the same place it was before. John started taking pictures from inside the car as the object moved closer to shore. That was when John spotted what looked similar to a flashlight beam moving in an erratic fashion, producing "squiggley" lines in the air and on the ground. As the light approached the underside of the ship, the craft's luminescence revealed a creature holding the object which produced the light beam. John described the being as having "long arms, short legs, and a big head. He went on to characterize it as, very skinny. Susan's impression was, that it had no clothes on. John glanced down at his camera momentarily, and just as he did, Susan yelled, "Oh my god, did you see that?" She stated that the light in the creature's hand suddenly went up into the air to a height of about thirty to forty feet, in the form of a light ball. When John looked up, the light was back with the creature.
John said, "Then the thing starts waving with the light for us to come over there. [the circular, universal motion that says 'come this way', or 'move in this direction'.] Then the hair stood straight up on top of my head. I shouted to Susan, 'punch it! Let's get the hell out of here!' "

John and Susan drove across the dam, then turned south toward the spot where the daylight sighting had occurred earlier in the day. They had just stopped the car, when the diamond shaped craft appeared from behind the trees to their rear, and began flashing in a Morris code manner. [short and long flashes in an apparently random fashion] As the object moved closer to them, John blurted, "Oh, S--t! We've got to get out of hear!

"Why are you freaking out?" Susan responded.

John admonished, "You don't know these guys - I do! I'm not 'Mister Expert', but I've seen these guys (before). I've seen what they can do. You do not want to go through this!"

"Yes I do! I want to see who they are." Susan insisted.

After further pleading on John's part. Susan acquiesced, and headed the car back toward Lake Monroe. When they reached the dam, the object could be seen in the same spot as before. Susan drove part way up the hill on the east end of the dam, then turned into a parking lot on the left, where a viewing deck overlooks the launch ramp below.
She waited with the children in the car, as John ventured onto the deck. From this position, he flashed a picture of the object. Immediately, a second ship "melted off" and took a form identical to the first one. The second object rose upward, followed by an blast of loud, eerie noise.

"I heard something that sounded like rocks hitting the water," John said, " and at that point, I ran... I ran back to the car. And, I got inside the car, I said , 'Get the hell out of here!', and she's like, 'Why? Why?', and I'm, 'Get the hell out of here!' We go to pull out, and you can see back there, and she [Susan] looked back , and the thing was right in the middle of the lake. She said she could see both of them, and one was right in the middle of the lake. And I was like, 'Get the hell out of here!.' "

Back home with the children tucked safely in bed, John went into the back yard. "tracers" were zipping through the air around the house. It was then that he noticed a disk hovering near the light pole, again. As he walked toward the craft, it raised up and went into the clouds. John could still see the movement of the object as it flew around in circles, illuminating the clouds from within. He began to feel uneasy again as the object broke into a "figure eight" pattern, and decided to walk toward the house. It was then, that the object came down and moved behind the trees. John went inside, placed his camera and film on the refrigerator, then proceeded to go around to all the windows, checking outside just in case he was followed. In a few moments the power went off, then back on, along with the cable signal. After that, John decided to give it a rest. It was late, and he was spent. Sleep would be a welcome respite, one thing being apparent; these denizens of the night are in no hurry to go away soon.

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