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Desert Lizards

(Received 20JAN03) 

Hello, My name is Anne and I live in San Bernardino CA. I am new to your site so I am still exploring the contents thereof, and your site is very well done with plenty of information. I am appreciative of this, because you just never know what experiences you may have in this lifetime, let alone ones that involve strange phenomenon. (I realize there are some people that fall under this category, but that's not what I mean) I think it is a good thing to have a place where people can tell of their own experiences, other than just sharing with family or close friends.

There is probably a whole lot more going on, and a lot of information is missed because people just don't have anyone to confide in. I know this was the case with J, my fiancÚ. J and I had been together 2 yrs. before he shared this particular incident with me. Although I did not witness this personally, J is not a man to go making up stories. What would be the point? We are both open minded most of the time, he to a lesser degree even. I just thought that if nothing else, it was interesting and would have been pretty cool to see:

J is a retired truck driver. He used to work for a trucking company that operates out of the high desert region. The trucks hauled mostly cement, and some of the drivers had permanent hauls, to and from particular destinations. J had a run from the Barstow area to Las Vegas. He had funny hours; 2a.m. to 2p.m. or so. He states that this particular morning he had gotten an early start and was already on his way back from Las Vegas after dropping his first haul of cement. It was still early in his shift, so he wasn't tired or hurried in any way. He was just outside of Baker, having passed the state line [see maps, above], and heading south. He said it was that time of the morning just before the sun comes up, where everything looks grey, as if in silhouette. He is cruising along and there is no other traffic. Something catches his attention out of the corner of his eye, (It's [normally] pretty much a ho-hum drive out that way; not much change in the geography) so this made him glance over. He states that standing on the sloped, rock covered embankment, about 100 feet from the road or less, was about 6 VERY LARGE lizards, is how he put it. He was kind of embarrassed while trying to explain what they looked like. He slowed way down, to get a better look because he said, "I wasn't sure what the hell I was looking at." Anyhow, he said they were standing upright on hind legs, he guesses them to be about 10' to 12' ft tall. They were just standing there. A couple of them had their noses in the air like they were sniffing for something. They did not seem to be bothered by the truck. He said they ignored it. He just went slowly by them and continued to keep them in the rearview mirror until they were out of sight. By then the sun had come up. He said he had no interest in stopping the truck for further observation.

He kept this to himself until telling me about it. I figured he thought he would get teased from the other driver's if he mentioned it. He said that after that, the run was indeed different every time he drove it, and he was more aware of the desert than ever. I just think, Wow! Why didn't you carry a camera? Why? It's a BIG area out there folk's. Who knows. 
Thanks for letting us share,

Anne M.& J

Hi Anne,

Thank you so much for writing and sharing J's experience with us. It's interesting how we react when confronted with something outside our normal understanding of reality. Sometimes a UFO witness will not fully integrate his or her sighting experience into the conscious mind until much later. Perhaps this is an instinctive response designed to delay any intellectual analysis of the event until one's personal safety is established.

My initial reaction when reading about the tall lizards was, they probably weren't; at least, not any lizards from our part of the galaxy. There is an ET group, according to witnesses, that stands eight to ten feet tall, with a reptilian-like skin and head. They are loosely referred to by some abductees as "The Enforcers," which describe their function in the ET hierarchy. Two of these larger reptilian-like groups are actually known as "Dinoids" and "Reptoids." What they call themselves is anybody's guess.

I wonder if J noticed any clothing on these lizards, and what sort of strangeness followed on subsequent trips. I have certainly heard a lot of anecdotal stories regarding alien/UFO activity in that area. According to the map, Baker, California is very near to China Lake Naval Weapons Center, Fort Irwin Military Reservation, and the Twentynine Palms Marine Corps Base. It is common knowledge that UFO activity tends to occur near military/government installations, and especially those who store radioactive materials.

If it's okay with you, we will post your account on our site, so that others can read it. Perhaps, someone else witnessed this or a similar event. 

Thank you again for writing, and thanks to J for sharing. Please write anytime.


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