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Mid-Air Docking of UFOs!

dockcom3.jpg (13489 bytes)

Composite image (left) illustrates the relative height to width ratios of the objects before and after docking.

Before docking, ratio is 1.24 high x 1 wide.

After docking, ratio is .81 high x 1 wide.

Another way of comparing is; the combined height of the objects on the left is 65% greater than the object on the right.

Conclusion: There are two separate objects which docked or joined together as one object.

--by Lynn Taylor


John Tosti and Robert A. were traveling down Snoddy Road, south of Bloomington, checking out the evening sky. They caught sight of a brilliant object hovering motionless over the town. John began to video tape the event, while Robert stood guard. Moments had passed, without any movement on the part of the glowing apparition. Robert decided to test the UFO's sensitivity to light, and flashed his headlights directly at it. It moved slightly, but remained on station. John continued taping for a while longer, then growing tired, he shut his camera off and headed home.

It was a couple of days later when John dropped by to show the tape to me. On it, was a bright orange object that looked for all the world, like a hamburger! It was round, but slightly flatter at the "poles", with a Saturn-like ring around the equator (where the beef would be). John was taping with a new camera, and therefore, not totally familiar with the focusing controls. He was zooming in and out, in an effort to get a "lock" on the object. There were apparent distortions before the object coalesced. I made a copy of the tape for study. After John left, I began to review the video, frame by frame. I made a startling discovery. What John mistook as "out of focus" was in fact, two objects (or craft) engaged in a docking procedure. A shaft of white light could clearly be seen connecting the two ships together as they maneuvered closer to each other, one directly above the other. As far as I know, this is the first time a UFO docking procedure has been documented. The concept of mid-air UFO docking presents a host of ideas to consider. This video footage provides a glimpse into the operational procedures, and technical abilities of an alien race. Were they on an abduction mission above Bloomington? If so, could they have been transferring abductees from one ship to the other? Or perhaps they were involved in the transfer of personnel and supplies. And why were they conducting this procedure over a populated area with lots of potential witnesses?

Their actions suggest a bold new shift in UFO activities. There seems to be a total confidence on the part of the occupants of these craft, in their machines and technology.

Whatever they were doing this night, one thing seems apparent; It is not necessary for UFOs to land in order to carry out transfer operations.

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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