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Always Watching the Skies


The Dolan Triangle

-- by Lynn Taylor

27Mar98 - Friday (11:01 PM)

It was the warmest day, thus far, in 1998, with a high of 78 degrees. The wind had been blowing all day, and a storm front was threatening to move in from the West. Jana, my 14 year old daughter, was on her way home from Bloomington with her friend, "Karen", and Karen's mother, "Kate". They were traveling north on old Highway 37, just south of Dolan, when Jana spotted a triangle shaped craft hovering motionless, about fifteen feet above the trees on a hillside, off their right. Jana later commented to me, "You could make out the shape of it (dark triangle), because of the light pollution from Bloomington." (causes a hazy, pink illumination of the sky).

Jana, being an experienced night time observer, described it as having a large bright bluish-white light at each of the three corners. "You know what it would look like, if you had a blue lens, then put a white light bulb behind it that's too bright; how the white light would overpower the blue of the lens, but you could still see some blue?" she asked. She went on to say that the leading corner of the object was flashing blue, while four non-blinking red lights could be seen in the middle area.

When she called it to Kate and Karen's attention, Kate pulled onto a side road, to get a better look, but as soon as the car rolled to a stop, the object turned south-west toward Bloomington, and disappeared behind the hill crest.

"Maybe it was an airplane.", Kate remarked.

"No, Mom." Karen retorted. "Airplanes can't do that!" (hover motionless)

Little was said on the way home. As far as I understand, this was the first "unexplained" sighting for Karen and Kate. I'm betting, they will look at the night sky with different eyes, in the future.


A little sighting side note:

On March 22nd, at approximately 10 PM, Linda (my wife) and I were returning home from Mooresville, Indiana. About one mile south of Martinsville on Highway 37, we got a brief glimpse of a giant, round , dimly lit object, perhaps fifty feet above a field, off to our right (west). This is only the fourth time I have witnessed this type of object. It is more than a just perception of largeness. This thing is big! It is much bigger than the more typical amber "nocturnal lights" seen by myself and many others in this area. These will range in color from blue-white to deep red, and are usually observed hovering low and motionless. I have seen one move only once, and only for a few feet, before it "turned off" (They usually "turn on", then dim out in place). Their size is usually reported as being 1/3 to 1/2 the size of a full moon, visually.

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