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Ellettsville UFO Sighting

Filed by Ted Robertson

Subject: Multi-witness UFO sighting
Friday March 19, 2004
1:45 AM
Location: Ellettsville, IN

John Tosti and I were driving back from Spencer on State Road 46, this evening. When we were about a half mile outside of Ellettsville, John spotted an object in the sky. After drawing my attention to the object, I saw a white, opaque, and square-looking light with a red-orange tinge. It appeared to be larger and brighter than a star, but not too bright; a sort of medium brightness. The light was about the size of a piece of gravel held at armís length. John observed the object as it remained stationary for about three seconds, approximately thirty degrees above the horizon. About a half second after I focused on the object, it began to fall straight downward at a constant speed. It fell for the next two seconds, turning and twisting like a very large satellite might rotate and tumble. Then suddenly and immediately, it disappeared from view while it was still well above the horizon. The light/object did not pass behind any tree or building, it just suddenly disappeared in mid-air.

The closest description I could give of the object would be that it looked like an illuminated airplane without wings, however, it did appear somewhat square in shape as it came crashing straight toward the ground, vanishing before it could impact the Earth.

Additional Notes:

The object
appeared to have been stationary when John first saw it, and when I spotted it about 3 seconds later.

There was no trail of fire or light or anything visible behind the object as it fell, as would be characteristic of a meteor.


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