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(Left) I videotaped this object as it hovered over oblivious sun worshipers on Pensacola Beach, where we were staying.

(Right) Computer enhanced image reveals a green-skinned alien next to a UFO. (Just having a little fun, here. After all, it was vacation!)

On the pier, looking back at Shoreline Park.

Looking east from Shoreline Park toward the Bob Sykes Bridge, which connects Gulf Breeze to Pensacola Beach.  Yours truly and my wife, Linda, on the pier at Shoreline Park, with Pensacola Beach in the distance. Looking west from Shoreline Park, toward the bay outlet to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Night view from Shoreline Park, looking out over the bay toward the Pensacola Beach skyline.

Daylight photo with "black water" simulation shows area affected. Pensacola Beach is in the background.

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