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Glowing Entity

on Highway 37

Artist rendering of glowing entity

Filed by Lynn Taylor
Date: June, 2005
Time: 8:45-9:00PM
Location: Oolitic, Indiana

Jonathon, my son-in-law, works the night shift in Bedford, twenty miles south of Bloomington, Indiana. Twice in the past month and at different locations on Highway 37S, he observed a self-luminescent humanoid shape on the side of the roadway.

In both instances he described the entity as having a slender torso area and a "big round head." The entity or object was not animate, and did not react to Jonathon's vehicle. The figure glowed with a brilliant white light, obscuring any detailed features. Because of the brightness of the entity, Jonathon was unable to get a good look at the lower portion of its body on either occasion.

The first encounter occurred near Highway 50W exit near Oolitic. The entity/object was standing on the west shoulder, about ten feet from the pavement.

In the second encounter, just south of Tapp Road, the entity/object was standing in the median of the four-lane highway.

In both instances, Jonathon looked into his rear view mirror to see the entity/object still standing there, still glowing. That fact would seem to eliminate the possibility of reflected light from his headlights.

On both occasions, on his return through the area, the entity/object was gone. Jonathon further indicated that no highway signs or other objects were, or are, present in the two locations where the entity/object was sighted.

Jonathon further indicated that his was the only vehicle on the road when his first sighting occurred. However, another car was traveling behind him at about a half-mile distance when he saw the entity/object the second time. Therefore, it is possible that another witness or witnesses may exist.

Anyone having witnessed this object or entity along Highway 37 between Bloomington and Bedford, Indiana is asked to contact AAARC. (Please click on our "Contact" e-mail link, above.)

-- Lynn


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