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A Legendary Drive

Note: The following account describes a November 30, 1998 Close Encounter which began at "Legendary Hills," a rural subdivision located just south of Martinsville, Indiana, and ended several minutes later, miles away on Union Valley Road, northeast of Ellettsville, Indiana. The incident was reported to us by the experiencer, who asked that her real name not be included in this report. The following narrative is presented in her own words:

"Last Monday night (30November98) I was riding with a friend, up Highway 37 North. We took a left onto Legendary Drive, simply because it had a nice name. When we discovered that the drive wasn't so legendary, we turned around and headed back south.

On the left was a gravel road that went up a hill. At the top of the hill we found a tall tower, possibly a cellular tower. The tower was surrounded by chain link fence and barbed wire, however, the gate was open. My friend and I got out of the car and looked around, then got that spooky feeling and got back in the car.

After we pulled back onto the highway, heading south on 37, I looked over my shoulder back at the tower. Just then, a triangular shaped flying object emerged directly over the tower. There were no lights on the tower, either. I thought
that was odd, considering its height. But anyway, this thing flew over, and it had a lot of lights, mostly red, white and blue. The object appeared to be somewhat large (probably because of its low altitude). (Whenever I see anything in the sky with red, white and blue lights, I automatically assume it's from the USA, whether commercial, civilian, or military.)

I wasn't too freaked out until it shifted to face us in the car. Then, it began to pick up speed, as though it was heading directly for us. I told my friend, and he stepped on the gas. He took a right on the next road; Goosey, or something like that. The object changed its course with us but lost all its lights except for one off-white light. By now, I was thinking that coincidence was no longer an option. We curved left and right, and turned onto different roads, but this thing stayed with us. I lost sight of it once we entered an area with hills and trees.

At one point, we end up on the edge of Stinesville. I pointed my friend in different directions, as if I knew exactly where we were supposed to go. Now, keep in mind that my friend had not seen this thing yet, and was getting slightly annoyed by my paranoia.
We had just passed through Stinesville, when I caught sight if it again, off toward the west. It seemed to be sitting there just waiting for us. Almost as if it didn't want to fly directly over the town.

I watched through the side window as the object turned. It's one bright light, at that point, shined directly at me. Approaching our car, the craft picked up speed, and turned on red lights at opposite points. (Note: So far, the object had not moved in front of the car, where the driver could see it.)

I did not mention this to the driver at the time, for fear that he would think me to be like the "boy who cried wolf," so I sat silently as this thing came closer and closer. My eyes started to tear up with the realization of the object's size, and its definite movement toward us. I told the driver to either speed up or pull over. That was about the time that two really bright lights turned on in the front of the object, and beamed directly at us.

Just then, the driver slammed on his brakes as we came up on a stop sign at the intersection of Highway 46, outside the town of Ellettsville. I yelled at him to turn around in the parking lot across the street, so he could get a look at this thing. Just as he did, the craft disappeared behind a house in the field, next to the intersection. I was mad as hell because I didn't want to be the only witness (which is usually the case).

As we proceeded back down the road we had just come from, the craft arose from behind the house. The driver said, "Ah ha, I got you now, sucker!" Not exactly, because the object took off across the sky. We lost it.

Our car was running on fumes by this point, so we headed back to Ellettsville to fuel up. As soon as we reached the edge of town, the very instant we passed  the last street light, we both looked up and there it was! It seemed to be waiting for us again, as it lined up with road and flew very slowly over us. I couldn't tell if it hovered over us or not. The driver turned the car around again. We lost it here and there, but it waited for us, like it was leading us. Finally, we found ourselves stopped at a dead end on Union Valley Road. Our evening ended as it began, as we stared forward at a chain link fence. With no further sign of the object, we turned the car around and started home."  ♦

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