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The Lucky Point Photos

Because of its secluded location, Lucky Point was a popular parking spot for local teens, and received its name for obvious reasons.

For many years, skywatchers from around the area have paid regular night time visits to this area. The area is particularly known for its "Black Triangle" sightings. There were also "Bigfoot" sightings a few years ago by locals.

A huge electric power generation station is situated next to Lucky Point, with high tension lines running through the area. Some folks claim that the electric poles emanate a particularly loud hum when a UFO is nearby. (UFOs are often times spotted near high voltage distribution lines. There is much speculation as to why, but no one knows for sure.)

Lucky Point is located along a rural country road just east of Monroe City in Knox County, Indiana, and "as the crow flies," it is only 26 1/2 miles from the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Division in Greene County, Indiana. (See "Crane Photos")

(This series of photos was photos was taken by John Tosti at "Lucky Point," in Southwestern Indiana. An amber glowing object disappears in a slow forming flash of orange light as it crosses the road ahead.)


lpufo2.jpg (80587 bytes)

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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