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A Very Mean Looking Object

Muncie, Indiana's real "Close Encounters"

-- by Kelly Smith

 In the summer/fall of 1974 I was 8 years old. I was out climbing in a tree in the front yard. I lived on Victoria Drive in Muncie, Indiana which is in a neighborhood on the west end of Memorial Drive, aka, 12th street. Looking up, I noticed to the North West, a huge black object. This is daylight, so I remember it well. The object was, I'd guess now, about the size of 2-3 football fields. It was black, and moved slowly; a very "mean" looking metal object. I watched for a couple of minutes, then ran into the house to get my mother. I remember telling her to get the camera. When we came out, it was gone, just that fast. But when I first saw it, it was gliding smoothly. Even though I was young, I still knew that it was no plane, blimp or other man made object. To this day I am fascinated with Ufology. I know it was something, but have never really talked much about it. I don't even like it when it is brought up because I don't feel most people believe me. After that sighting I am a believer and always will be, no matter what. Thought you might like to hear that story from an 8 year old boy, 25 years later.

Questions to Kelly:

Lynn: I suppose you already know that Muncie was the focal point of the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Kelly: Yes I am familiar with the ' Close Encounters' movie having a piece of Muncie in it. The area I saw this craft in, is approximately one mile from where the movie portrayed. The movie had a man in a truck on Cornbread Road, which is one mile south of Memorial Drive.

  There have been other sightings in Muncie as well. One that I know about, deals with my grandfather. He was on Cowan Road going home from work when a bright ball of " fire" was moving right along with his car. It was about 1/4 mile away from him and stayed with him until he reached home. I would approximate 5 miles distance from the time he first saw it until he reached his home.

Lynn: I am left with a question or two regarding the craft you saw. I am curious as to the object's general shape (i.e., disk, triangle, deltoid, cigar, etc.) and color/texture (shiny metallic, black, etc.) Lights? As for the craft size you reported, I have no doubt about this. I have personally witnessed a type of UFO that was so large that it appeared to be two-thirds the size of a full moon, at one mile distant.

Kelly: The craft was oblong, I guess cigar shaped best describes it. It had no lights, and was a dull "mean" looking black, solid black. It was like solid steel looking; no shine, just black.

 Kelly would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experienced a sighting(s) in the Muncie, Indiana area (and so would I). Kelly can be contacted at:

 Thank you Kelly, for allowing me to post your sighting. 

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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