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Multiple UFO Sightings
North of Bloomington

Filed by Lynn Taylor

Date: Sunday November 14, 2004
Time: Sighting 1, 7:10 PM
Time: Sighting 2, 12:00 Midnight
Location: Bloomington, Indiana
Witnesses: 1 (each sighting)


At first, I did not intend to make mention of last evening's sighting outside my home. I reasoned that it was a half-mile distant, and without the benefit of binoculars or a video camera, it wasn't the quality of sighting I like to mention in public. However, I received a report from another local researcher, describing an object over his home, only a couple of miles from my location.

First, to describe the object I saw:

At 7:10 PM last night, I stepped onto the deck, and was scanning the tree line behind the house. Movement caught my eye as a distant (1/2-1 mile) amber-colored light moved from west to east at small aircraft speed (90-100 mph?). As the object passed above the trees, it made alternating, abrupt changes in altitude (by about fifty feet, or so) up and down.

Concerning this type of object movement, I am very aware of how the eye can play tricks on the mind, even with an experienced observer such as myself. For this reason, I began to focus on the shadow of a taller tree in the tree line immediately below the object.

Still, the object continued to make sudden drops and increases in altitude, while the tree line in the foreground remained constant. In a few seconds, the object was no longer in view.

Another revealing aspect was that, as the object passed through the area, I could hear a chorus of dogs barking with ever increasing excitement, in their tone and volume.

This is the first time in quite a long while that I have been able to spot one of these objects outside my home. Perhaps the “Scavenger” is back? Too bad for him; they closed the landfill this year!

Sighting 2:

I received the following report from fellow researcher Robert Amick, who witnessed a strange object over his house, after hearing dogs barking, nearby:

"The first thing was that I heard a lot of dogs barking and thought that there might be something in the sky causing the dogs to be disturbed, and then realized that there were more dogs barking than we have in the neighborhood. Going out on the back porch to listen it became obvious that there were some raccoon hunters with a pack of hounds in the ravine just to the west of the house.

It was then that I saw a lighted craft low in the sky (4,000 ft.?) nearby to the west. The first thing that I noticed about it was the way it was lit. It was in two horizontal rows which were tilted over about 45 degrees to the north (my right). The top level was a green light on the left and a variable strobe white light on the right. On the bottom level were irregular flashes of bright white and a very bright red.

The unusual things about the lights that I noticed were that the green light was a intense yellow-green and not the green of aircraft running lights, and that the bottom row of red and white strobes seemed almost to be sliding back and forth and not like fixed lights (optical illusion?). Also noteworthy is the intensity of the lights with the red strobes varying in intensity and, occasionally, being the brightest of all the lights.

The lights moved quickly to the north (away from me and to my right) and, as I observed them with binoculars, did not change their orientation to one another as would be expected with fixed lights on an airplane as the angle of observation changed. The object moved from nearly overhead, to a speck (through the binoculars) of light on the northern tree-line, very rapidly; certainly in no more than 6 or 7 seconds [transpired]. Compared to a conventional airplane, I would say that it moved very, very fast.

The baying of the hounds nearby make it hard to say for certain about the sound, there was none that I heard and one would think with an airplane that close and/or moving that fast that there would be engine noise that could have been heard even between the outbursts of the dog's baying.

Unfortunately it was not a glowing disk shooting beams of blue light but it was in the category of those that make you say, 'what the heck was that, I wonder?' Interesting, I thought, that the hunters dogs drew my attention and when I went out to check and there the lights were. Never before has anyone been anywhere close to here with hunting hounds, as this is next to a developed area and within a cluster of a dozen or so residences. (P.S. They got the raccoon, I think. I heard two shots and then a few minutes later they moved off.)" ♦

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