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Always Watching the Skies


Orb Swarm! 

--by Ted Robertson

circa, Summer or Autumn of 2000

My mother does not remember the exact month, but she does remember that it was a rather warm evening when, sitting in her chair watching the television, when off to her right and about ten feet away, something moved catching her eye. Just outside one of the two sliding glass doors that lead out into my parents backyard, she saw an unusual pattern of bright lights. The lights were outside the left door of the two, which is the one that actually slides open and closed. The light objects stayed inside an area that was about three to five feet high off the ground and two feet square in area. On other words, they stayed in the area that a persons head or chest would occupy when walking through that door.

Upon witnessing the lights, Mom had no unusual associated feelings, except perhaps a little excitement and wonder because, right off, she knew that what she was seeing was very unusual. She knew that it was an unexplained phenomenon, perhaps related to spirit or psychic energies, but to this day she is baffled by what she saw, that night.

She described these lights as white/silver/slightly gold, marble to pea-sized balls of light. The numbers of orbs present changed over the full minute as they came and went, appeared and disappeared as she witnessed this. Anywhere from four to seven would appear at a time and they would playfully move around and form patterns, near the glass on the outside. Though she could not tell for sure, it seemed as if they were either on the glass or up to about a foot away. When the objects were stationary, they appeared as marble sized white glowing balls, but as they moved, they sometimes emitted sparks like a fourth of July sparkler. As they darted about, their shape would elongate to form a line about three inches long, or so it appeared. After dancing about, some would disappear or take off flying away from the glass, then another one or two, would come to replace it/them. Mom did not specifically state that the patterns made by the balls of light were geometric, but she did give the indication that they seemed both orderly and playful, as if made with some intention. There was no sound emanating from the light entities as far as she could tell. She had two full grown lab retrievers with her in the room, but they did not bark or seem to care about what was taking place.

Mom was really getting interested in this light show so she watched from her chair the entire time, feeling that if she got up to look closer she would disturb them and they would disappear. After nearly 45 seconds had passed, she called for my dad, who was in his bedroom, to come out and see them. Just as he was about to enter the field of view, the light show stopped.

Both tried to think of possible ordinary explanations for what my mom saw. Could it have been someone behind her backyard shining a bright light into the living room? Normally a light, unless it is a laser, becomes so wide and diffused over a great distance, and the backyard is about 100 feet long with a fence around it. Lasers usually give off colored light and this was white. The lights were also multiple and gave of sparks and either changed shape or left a light trail. The dogs did not bark. I asked her if it could have been someone holding lit sparklers outside of the door, and she said no, the dogs would have barked and she would have seen their hands. Also interesting, is the fact that it stopped just as my dad came into the room.

It is doubtful that what she saw was a refection of something in the house, since considering the sparks and they probable accompanying sound that would have been apparent to her and the dogs.

Mom did not think to tell me about this until December of 2001, which seems odd to me since she knows of my interest in crop circles, paranormal phenomena, and the like.

For about a week following the incident, she kept an eye out, hoping that the lights would re-appear, but they never did.

Mom said that she did not recall ever seeing anything like these objects before.

When my aunt was leaving the house after I had related my mother's experience to her, she commented, "I WAS those balls of light!" I called her later to find out why she said that. She told me that she had a vivid dream, one that seemed almost real, where she knew that she was a ball of light moving along with other balls of light, sort of through space or air. She felt very content, describing the sensations as "totally free and joyful." She said she directed her consciousness behind her and perceived two brighter white lights that were approaching her and the others. For the first time in the dream she felt fear. The fear was that the lights behind her would catch up, and she instinctively knew that if they did, she would be absorbed into them. Just as they were about to overtake her, the dream ended.

I asked a psychic what she thought those lights my mom saw were, and she said explained that ETs or spirits have a more brilliant energetic look to them, while earth spirits have a translucent bubble like appearance. She implied that I could have been responsible for the lights. Her thought was, in order to convince my mom that these things are real, I somehow managed to will the orbs to manifest.

Strangely enough, the time the lights appeared was during the same months I was investigating a crop circle that formed only nine miles west of where I live in Indiana, although my mother lives in a suburb of Chicago.

peace be with you,

Ted Robertson

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