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UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies


Snapshot of an Alien

--by Lynn Taylor


I would like to preface this report by saying that I am making every effort to protect the identity and safety of the individuals referenced, therein. For this reason, I cannot comment beyond the information being provided. 

Earlier this year, I was introduced to an individual who had recently moved to Bloomington, and had expressed an interest in local UFO activity. For purposes of this report, I will refer to this person as, "Adrian." I invited Adrian to go along with us on a sky watch, and agreed to swing by and pick him/her up at his/her house, in Bloomington. While there, Adrian handed me a photo of a strange looking creature. Adrian was told it was a "Reptilian," and was taken by an abductee friend, back east.

According to Adrian, The friend was angry and frustrated at the regular intrusions into his life, and decided to snap a picture during one of the alien visits, with his Polaroid camera. Fearful of the consequences of his actions, he gave the photo to a trusted individual for safe keeping.

Supposedly, a day or so later, the abductee was visited by military/government individuals who demanded he turn over the photo to them. When he indicated that he was no longer in possession of the photo, they responded (paraphrased), "Well, you'd better not show it to anyone, or [so and so will happen]."

After thinking on their threats for a while, the abductee made up his mind not to be bullied. He proceeded to have several copies of the Polaroid image made, then passed them on to other trusted people in his life.

Adrian allowed me to make several scans of the photo before he/she left town for the summer. He/she promised to try to get more information from his/her abductee friend in the meantime, then let me know what he/she had learned, after returning to town in August. Now that it was September, and I had not heard from Adrian, I called his/her number to see if he/she had returned. The number was no longer in service.

After some deliberation, I decided to go forward with making the photo public, since I believed it to be too significant to sit on any longer. You must decide for yourself how much weight to give this image, considering the circumstances of its history. If this picture is genuine (and I believe it is), then it represents the most amazing piece of evidence I have seen to date, in support of claims of visitation of Earth by extraterrestrials. Your comments are welcomed.

The original Polaroid photo contained scratches, which appear as diagonal lines in this image. Note, however, the orange-tan object, above and just to the right of the creature. There is also an orange object at the extreme right. High resolution scans of these objects were inconclusive. What they suggest, however, is the presence of a second creature to the right, and perhaps, a structure of some sort in the background, behind the dense foliage

Reptilian Close-up                                 Background and Side Object Close-up

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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