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Revisionist History of Earth

By guest columnist: Robert J Amick


What follows is a time-line that I have constructed from two sources. The first being an educational program by Washta, a Sirian councilor with the Galactic Federation, who talked to Sheldon Nidle. This was published in 1994 under the title "You Are Becoming A Galactic Human," by Virginia Essene and Sheldon Nidle. The second source is the 1976 publication of "The 12th Planet," by Zecharia Sitchin, and is derived from Sumarian clay tables. The information from "The 12th Planet" is marked with an (*), and the information from the extraterrestrial Washta is not marked.

There is one point that requires an explanation. The more recent dates correspond well with accepted archeological dates - such as the origin of Homo sapiens 300,000,000 years ago. However, the more remote dates represent a shorter time than in currently accepted - such a the iridium layer from the Dinoid/Pre-cetaceans war is placed at 8,000,000,000 years ago instead of the accepted 65,000,000,000 years. My considered opinion is that is because the accepted dates were estimates founded on the Gradualism theory of Geology...the idea is that the Earth was formed by the same order of forces that now can be observed to shape it: erosion, tectonic drift, etc. Such theories do not take into account near misses by a battlestar four times the Earth's diameter, which served to age the Earth more rapidly than imagined.

Of course this is only the barest of outlines of a very rich history: none-the-less, it has helped me to understand some of the complexities of our current galactic condition.

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Robert Amick

50 million years ago
Original physical being creation myth. Beginning of the physical universe.

35 million years ago
Etheric intelligent civilization began. Angelics and Devas.

26 million years ago
Dinoid (four-finger Grays)/Reptoid colonization/invasion of Earth.

18 million years ago
Rise of the Pre-cetacean species (Bigfoot) on Earth.

10 million years ago
Orion Scenario for the destruction of the Pre-cetaceans by Dinoids.

8 million years ago
Destruction of Dinoid/Reptoid group on Earth by Pre-cetaceans. (Iridium layer)

6 million years ago
Earth recovering from destruction. Humans evolve in the Vega star system.

4.5 million years ago
Migrating Humans encounter advanced scouts of the Dinoid/Reptoid Alliance.

4 million years ago
Galactic Federation formed on Vega. Earth selected for seeding.

2 million years ago
Hybornea Earth colony founded. Sirian influence begins. Dinoids confined to Maldek (the planet that used to be between Mars and Jupiter).

1 million years ago
Human colonies on Mars, Venus and Earth attacked and destroyed by the Dinoid's resention.

920,000 years BC
Wormwood (a.k.a. the 12th Planet), the Galactic Federation battlestar, destroys Dinoid presence and their planet, Maldek.

900,000 years BC
Lemuria colony's Earth Guardianship established. Earth re-seeded.

500,000 years BC
Daughter colonies founded (Atlantis, Yu and Libya/Egypt)

*445,000 years ago
The Nefilim, led by Enki, arrive on Earth from the 12th Planet (a.k.a. the Galactic Federation Battlestar, Wormwood). Eridu - Earth Station I - is established in Mesopotamia.

*430,000 years ago
The great ice sheets begin to recede. (Creating) a hospitable climate in the Near East.

*415,000 years ago
Enki moves inland, establishes Larsa.

*400,000 years ago
The great interglacial period spreads globally. Enlil arrives on Earth, establishes Nippur as Mission Control Center. Enki establishes sea routes to southern Africa, organizes gold-mining operations.

*360,000 years ago
The Nefilim establish Bad-Tibira as their metallurgical center for smelting and refining. Sippar, the spaceport, and other cities of the gods are built.

*300,000 years ago
The Anunnaki mutiny. Man - the "Primitive Worker" - is fashioned by Enki and Ninhursag.

*250,000 years ago
"Early Homo sapiens" multiply, spread to other continents.

*200,000 years ago
Life on Earth regresses during new glacial period.

*100,000 years ago
Climate warms again. The sons of the gods take the daughters of Man as wives.

100,000 years BC
Daughter colonies declared as empires.

*77,000 years ago
Ubartutu/Lamech, a human of divine parentage, assumes the reign in Shuruppak under the patronage of Ninhursag.

*75,000 years ago
The "accursation of Earth" - a new ice age - begins. Regressive types of Man roam the Earth.

50,000 years BC
Daughter colonies given authority for Guardianship by Lemuria.

*49,000 years ago
The reign of Ziusudra ("Noah"), a "faithful servant" of Enki, begins.

*38,000 years ago
The harsh climatic period of the "seven passings" begins to decimate Mankind. Europe's Neanderthal Man disappears; only Cro-Magnon Man (based in the Near East) survives. Enlil, disenchanted with Mankind, seeks its demise.

25,000 years BC
Atlantis destroys Lemuria via the destruction of the second moon.

25 to 15,000 years BC
Middle Atlantian Empire. Pleiadean influence.

15 to 10,000 years BC
New Atlantian empire. Dinoids attack Galactic Federation Headquarters in Vega system.

*13,000 years ago
The Nefilim, aware of the impending tidal wave that will be triggered by the nearing Twelfth Planet, vow to let Mankind perish. The Deluge sweeps over Earth, abruptly ending the ice age.

9500 years BC
1st Firmament destroyed with Atlantis.

9400 years BC
1st Firmament repaired by Libyan/Egyptian Empire.

4000 years BC
1st and 2nd Firmament destroyed in Rama-Libyan/Egyptian war. Biblical flood.

1500 to 1200 years BC
Withdrawal of renegade Pleiadean control of Earth.

November, 1992 AD
Joint influence of Pleiadean/Sirian councils on Earth.

March 5th, 1993 AD
Earth re-joins the Galactic Federation at the Cetacean's request.

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Updated: February 05, 2006
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