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Always Watching the Skies


The Farm

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-- by Lynn Taylor


The following is a complete and true account, to the best of my memory, of an extraordinary sighting and the events that followed. Names of certain individuals have been changed, and specific locations not identified for security and privacy reasons.

This area of the county is replete with many strange, alleged occurrences. Abductions, UFO landings, high-tech sensor devices to protect a "dairy farm" that has no cattle, mysterious unmarked white utility vehicles that patrol the night, and intimidating "security people" in black jump suites. Further, there are reports that sounds and vibrations of a train have been heard and felt, emanating from the ground below. From other sources it is said, that there is in fact, an underground railway, and that it is somehow connected to the Crane Naval Ammunition Depot, in neighboring Greene County. I was told many years ago that southern Indiana, from Bloomington to the Ohio River, is honey-combed with interconnecting caves (karst systems). It is not, therefore, inconceivable that parts of this underground network may be in use today, by an agency of our government, or -- someone else.

On September 25th, 1996, (Wednesday evening) at 10:45 PM, I agreed to travel with John Tosti down to a place that he refers to as "The Farm" or "The Dairy Farm" in southwest Monroe County. On the way down, I caught a glimpse of an orange sphere, which foretold an evening of intense activity. I arrived at John's house at 10:40 in the evening, then helped load his video equipment into my van. We were about to depart when we witnessed a yellow-orange sphere traveling from west to east, toward Lake Monroe. John lives close to Smithville, a little "burg" northwest of the lake. As we stood there watching the sphere, we observed a jet as it flew out of the north, and directly overhead. When it reached an intersecting point in the sky, it made a 90 degree turn, and fell in behind the sphere. It paced the UFO, at a distance, but made no attempt to overtake the object. The UFO did not blink out, nor did it try to out run the plane. They maintained their distance from one another until they were out of sight. This is a significant observation in that it demonstrates direct interaction between military aircraft, and UFOs. It may provide a glimpse at military policy, not to initiate any overt aggressive action against alien craft. If one can accept that premise, then it would also be logical to assume that such a policy may have been adopted as a result of some hard learned lesson.

On the way down to "The Farm", we were still discussing the interaction between the jet, and the UFO, when we spotted another yellow-orange sphere, floating over a field next to the county road on which we were traveling. We managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of the object through the trees as we passed by. Soon, we were turning onto the remote county road, which skirts "The Farm". Once there, we pulled to the shoulder and parked.   Off to our right, was a tower with a blue-white strobe light. (Later, we determined it to be a microwave tower near Kirksville. It has a large receiver dish on the top, and two smaller ones about half-way down - has a lot of guy wires on it.) From our position , however, we could see small white lights blinking in concert with the big strobe light. Once, there were several little strobes that form a connect-a-dot all the way down to the ground in the shape of a bell, or a fat Christmas tree. I am not so sure that the guy wires had anything to do with what we were seeing, because the guy wires are at straight angles, to support the tower. What we were observing had a particular curve to it. We saw one flash of light actually a good hundred feet away from the tower, still blinking in unison.

I am not really sure that the blinking lights have any significance, but just south of the tower, and behind a grove of trees, a UFO ascended from the ground. John saw it lift off first, then directed my attention to it. I saw the object when it was about half-way up the trees. It raised up just above the tree tops, leveled off and then flew south. Off to our left, we witnessed several UFOs in various positions in the sky. Again, they were all yellow-orange spheres. For the most part, they were traveling horizontally, although at times, they would change their elevation. We watched as they floated behind a grove of trees, then reappeared later at some other position. They were literally all around us. I lost track of how many ships there were in that area. At any given time, there were as many a five to eight objects.

At one point, we witnessed a large object approaching the field to our left, at a 45 degree angle. It was heading toward the grove of trees where the bulk of the UFO activity was occurring. It had red lights, white lights and either green or blue lights. From my perspective, the object had a long cigar shape. John acknowledged seeing this object before, but commented that in fact, it is actually a disk. It was close to the ground when I looked away momentarily to observe the activity of the other objects. When turned my attention back to the larger object, it was no longer there. I would estimate the it's size to be roughly three times the length of a 747.

We witnessed a shooting star, or what appeared to be a shooting star, as it fell straight down out of the sky, above the grove of trees where the bulk of the UFO activity had been. The light line created by the shooting star terminated just short of the top of the trees. John said, "Now watch, a UFO will pop up from behind those trees, right where that shooting star was." And within a matter of seconds, that's exactly what happened. a sphere popped up, then traveled horizontally over the tree tops. This process repeated two more times. Each shooting star was just a few degrees to the left of the previous one, and a sphere popped up each time.

We witnessed UFOs as they parked themselves in a higher, stationary position when conventional air traffic passed through the area. The objects remained motionless until the airplanes were gone, then resumed their activities. Therefore, UFOs apparently disguise themselves as shooting stars, and as stars in the sky in order to avoid detection.

John said, "In a little while, those government guys will come down here and run us off." I ask him how this would take place. John replied, "They'll drive up behind us in a white Jeep or Bronco and blink their lights off and on. Then we'll know it's time to leave."

Toward the end of the evening, we were out in the middle of the road video taping when we saw lights coming down the road. The adrenaline began to pump, as we jumped into the van, and started the engine. I turned on the headlights, then watched as a rider on a small motorbike slowly passed by. He was wearing either a dark blue jacket, or sweat shirt, with a hood pulled over his head. I could not see his face. He had a dark strap over his shoulder, carrying something. I could not see what the strap was attached to. I said, "John what do you make of that?"

John responded, "Well, it's possible they could have sent him by, just to check us out." About two minutes later, I saw another light coming down the road. This time there were two head lights, set close together. I said, "This is a Jeep!" As it passed slowly by, I could see that it was a white Jeep with a black canvas top. It had tinted windows, preventing me from seeing the driver. We watched as it went on up the road. I asked John, "What do we do now?"

John replied , "Well, I guess it's time to leave."

I responded, "Well, I want to find out where this guy's going!" After starting the van, we drove on up the road, just in time to catch sight of the Jeep as it rambled down a long driveway next to a house, that sat about half way up the hill. The driveway was bracketed with parked vehicles along it's length. The house was white, with a garage at the end of the driveway. I thought it peculiar, that a house way out in the country, would have so many cars present at 1:30 in the morning. It was the kind of scene you might expect to see if one was having a party, or family reunion. I drove past the house, until I reached a fork in the road. It was there, that I saw the motorcycle rider turn right onto a country lane, which dead ends at old farm house. This is near the spot where John was once abducted. Knowing the possible dangers that lie in that direction, we did not pursue the cycle rider. Instead, we returned and took up our previous position by the "farm."

We sat for about a half hour, but saw no more aerial activity. John said, "I'm glad you were here to see this, too. I know some people thought I must just be making all this up, but I wasn't."

Something strange did occur, however. John and I were sitting motionless, when the van suddenly began to rock. At first, each thought the other had moved. Then it happened again. This time we took notice. There was no wind to cause movement. I rolled my window down, and peered out in an attempt to see if there was anything above us, but it was just too dark to see anything. We decided, this would be a really good time to leave.

Subsequent to this event, an acquaintance of ours, which I will call "Pat", made some inquiries in the hope that more information could be gleaned. A couple of federal government agencies were contacted by phone, in order to determine whether or not government property existed in the area. The individuals on the other end were polite, but not very helpful. Then "Pat" contacted a local official, who graciously took "Pat" around to meet with local property owners. Most were cordial toward "Pat" and the official when visited, but little was learned from their conversations.

The next morning, there was a knock on "Pat's" door. It was a man who flashed identification, and announced that he was an F.B.I. agent, and could he come in and ask a few questions. What followed was a series of questions, obviously designed to intimidate and discourage "Pat" from poking around any further. He certainly conveyed the idea to "Pat" that the "Bureau" was watching him. We discovered later, that the local official mentioned, was visited by the F.B.I. as well. They wanted to know why "Pat" was down in that area, and what the two of them had talked about. A few days later, an agent returned to the local official, and stated the reason for their concern was that, they were conducting a "sting" operation in that area, and thought somehow, "Pat" might be involved. The obvious question is: Why would an agent of the F.B.I. disclose an ongoing investigation to a civilian? I find that proposition highly unlikely. That leaves two possibilities, in my estimation. Either, the F.B.I. has an even darker secret to protect, or -- these agents were not F.B.I. in the first place. F.B.I. or not, what kind of secret could they be protecting about a piece of unassuming real estate, tucked away in the sleepy, backwoods of Monroe County.

After word of the F.B.I.'s interest in "Pat" reached me, I decided to take a day trip to "The Farm", along with some associates. We agreed to meet in a store parking lot, then travel down to the sight together. While we were standing by our cars, talking, a white Ford Explorer pulled up about forty feet behind me. "Pat" saw it first, then pointed it out to the rest of us. It was just setting there, all by it's self, so obvious. I thought, "Surely, they're not that stupid! Do they think we are?" "Pat" had not had lunch, so we got into one car, and circled around to a restaurant on the opposite side of "Barney Fife", while "Pat" entered the drive-thru. When we parked, "Barney" flipped his sun visor down, and on the back was a mirror. He attempted to adjust it, but could not quite get us in his sights. His solution was to cut his wheels to the right, then pull forward. Now, he could see better, for sure. (But, I wonder if he could see me video taping him?) We decided, leaving any of our vehicles alone in the lot would not be prudent, so we drove back around to our starting point. Shortly, "Pat" exited the drive-thru, then pulled up right against "Barney's" bumper. "Barney" freaked out and ran, with "Pat" on his tail. After about four blocks, "Pat" was caught by a red light. Being a law abiding citizen, the only thing "Pat" could do was watch, as "Barney" the F.B.I. agent sped off into the sunset.


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