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Association for Aerial Anomaly Research and Cataloging

UFO and Paranormal Research from south-central Indiana

Always Watching the Skies


The White River Sightings

--by Lynn Taylor

Bloomington, Indiana

2FEB98 (Tuesday)

After several weeks of inclement weather, the night sky finally cleared, giving us a perfect window of opportunity to patrol the sky for "unidentifieds". I picked John up around 10:30 PM, and headed toward Bloomington. From a high point overlooking the southern edge of the city, we could see five brilliant white lights parked above the town, with it’s citizens most likely oblivious to their presence. As we drove around the suburban streets below trying to get within camera range, Jet planes began converging on the stationary lights. Slowly, the lights began moving in a northward direction. Urged on by the trailing jet aircraft, the glittering balls of light gradually disappeared from view.

Next, our attention turned south toward Lake Monroe. We took up a position in the parking area on the spillway flat. Fifteen minutes had passed when another brilliant white light ball appeared over the water to our east. It remained motionless for a brief time before it began floating northward. That was about the time we noticed the jet planes circling us overhead like giant metallic buzzards. For another five minutes we watched as they continued moving around us, and all the while, the object in the distance slowly moved beyond the ridge and out of sight. We concluded that the planes were not leaving until we did. Time wasting away, we gave in and set a new course back toward Bloomington.

Back near our starting point, south of town, we spotted two more light balls quickly heading north. It was 12:30, and John was ready to call it a night. “This is just going to be a ‘cat and mouse’ thing.”, he said, as I turned the van around to take him home. Later, as I started to pull away from his driveway, John remarked, “Keep an eye out going home. You may see something else.”

I assured him I would be vigilant, then headed north again.

I was traveling up highway 37N, and was approaching the west side of the city, when two more lights appeared in the sky, straight ahead. The chase was on again, as I put the pedal down. (My warp drive is never on line when I need it!) As I approached Whitehall Pike, I pulled to the side of the road, my tires sliding in the loose sand, and kicking up dust. I tried desperately to snap a picture of one of the lights, but by now I was completely enveloped in a dust cloud.

Back in the van, I raced on northward. I could see them in the distance, heading for the Bottom Road area, north of Bloomington. When I got to the Bottom Road turn-off, I headed cross-country with the objects still in sight. As bad luck would have it, they turned east, back toward Highway 37, where they followed the road on to Martinsville, 18 miles further north.

Back on 37 again, I did my best to catch up with the objects. I had just passed Morgan-Monroe State Forest, and broke the crest of a hill when, dead ahead were three light balls flying in a “V” formation. I had scarcely traveled a mile, when I looked to my left to see a strangely lit aircraft. A few seconds later, I looked to my right to see another aircraft in a complementary position. I found myself in the middle of a giant “V” formation. It was as if I was being “escorted” to Martinsville.

When I approached the southern outskirts, I took up an observation position as the three light balls spaced themselves over the town. Occasionally, they would drift in one direction or the other, but their position was basically fixed from approximately 1:10 AM until 2:15 AM.

What appeared to be jet airplanes, circled the stationary objects, as I flashed my “Maglight” at them, hoping to draw one in for a better picture. It wasn’t long before one of the “planes” turned and started in my direction. It banked and turned about 100 feet in front of me, and less that 100 feet above the deck. I’ve never seen an airplane with a lighting configuration like this thing had. It had two large white lights in front, one a few feet behind the other. Two white lights formed the other two points of a triangle. Near the left trailing white light was a flashing blue light. Left of center and a few feet to the rear, was a red flashing light. I could not hear any sounds emanating from the craft over the noise from my truck engine.

To complete the scene, jet aircraft circled the whole town. Some were obviously airliners in a holding pattern waiting their turn to land at Indianapolis International, 35 miles to the north. Others circling closer to the objects were smaller jets, possibly military, although there was no way to be certain.

Finally, the light balls began to move north, over the White River. The strange “airplanes” followed close behind, with the smaller jet aircraft taking up the rear. Mooresville was their destination, I was sure of it.

On the way back home, I couldn't help thinking about how John was going to feel when he learned he had just missed the main event of the evening. With any luck, we might get a second chance.

The next day, I phoned John to brief him on what had transpired after I dropped him off the night before. His reaction was immediate; "We've got to go back up there tonight!

I agreed, and when he rolled into my driveway, just after 10:30 that evening, we made a bee-line for Martinsville. On the way up I was making a bet with myself; "No way this is going to happen two nights in a roll." I thought, " We can't be that lucky."

We could see the glow from the street lights, as we neared the city limits from the south. John was looking off to the east when he detected several illuminated objects flying north-west, directly toward Martinsville. Moving quickly, they were soon out of view as we struggled to keep up.

We reached the city limits, then turned down the darkened stretch of gravel road to a wide turnaround at the end. As the van pulled to a stop, we turned our attention toward town.

Before we could speak a word, a brilliant flickering ball of light appeared out of nowhere, and hovered motionless near one of the towers on the north side of town. It was soon joined by another, then another, until the sky over Martinsville was crowned by twelve glittering jewels of light.

We watched as some remained motionless, while being crisscrossed by others. The objects continued their aerial ballet for another twenty minutes before moving northwest toward White River, and eventually on to Mooresville, further north, and out of view.

"Okay," I said, "Let's see what they're up to."

We loaded up and headed over to State Road 67N, which parallels the west bank of the White River. we were passing a row of fishing shacks on the river bank when we caught sight of first one object, then another. Finally, five objects could be seen. Two were straight ahead of us, while three were over the river bottom to our right, and all were moving north.

"We need to get closer." John declared. "We've got to get some decent video of these guys."

We were beginning to gain ground when an open area with a wide spot appeared up ahead. I quickly pulled over and shut the engine down. One of the two objects over the roadway continued on, while the other joined the three objects over the river bottom, who by now, seemed to be almost stationary, giving us our best chance to document the event.

I loaded a new roll of film into my Canon 35mm while John began video taping with his Canon 8mm. While we were busy on the ground, small jet planes began to circle closer and closer to the stationary objects. One of the planes turned and flew low and directly over our position. That was about the time the four objects dimmed down and scattered in different directions. We watched one go straight up, while another headed east. The remaining two turned northwest, toward Mooresville, so we decided to tag along.

We had just reached the south edge of Mooresville when we lost the two objects at a stop light. From where we sat, it looked as though they were beating a path to Indianapolis.

We turned around and went back to the south end of Martinsville, where we took up our previous position. As we drove down the gravel road, we could see eight objects that had reappeared over the town. By the time we reached the turn-around at the far end, there were twelve again.

Of course, then came the military jets, and the whole scene started over again. Some objects blinked out, while others moved toward the surrounding hills, where they continued there peculiar ritual of cross patterns. It was 2:00 in the morning, and by now, we were experiencing sensory overload. Out of film. Out of tape. Time to call it a night.

There was one rather curious post script; When I had my film developed, it was blank, as if it had never been exposed. My 35mm Canon is one of those "idiot proof" cameras. You know; auto-everything. It even has an automatic lens cover. There's no way to screw up a roll of film, it simply won't allow it. So what could have happened? If the film had been exposed to a burst of X-radiation, it would have been dark, not clear. I am not a photographic expert, but I have to wonder if there is some type of energy burst that could essentially, render the photo-reactive coating non-reactive. In that case, the film could not turn dark, as it normally would, to light exposure. I would welcome any possible explanations on this phenomenon, or if anyone has had a similar experience with film, please drop me a line.

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