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Three Sided Rectangular Mark

- by Lynn Taylor 

One morning in 1998, my sister-in-law awoke with an unexplained slightly raised mark, which appeared as a rectangle with one side missing.

Working night shift at a local factory, she did not arrive at home until 1 AM. Like myself, she suffers chronic back problems and finds it more comfortable to sleep in a recliner in the living room. It was the next morning when she awoke at around 8 AM, that she discovered the strange mark. Subsequent examination of the chair and the surrounding area, revealed nothing which could have caused such a mark.

She reported no pain or discomfort associated with the marking, and it dissipated in twenty-four hours, as mysteriously as it appeared.

(On several occasions, my sister-in-law has spotted unusual nocturnal lights/objects on her late night drives home between Martinsville and Bloomington, Indiana on State Highway 37.   

Additionally, at the age of twelve, in the back yard of  my father-in- law's home, she was playing with  a friend, when together they spotted a large orange orb  hovering above the trees, just at the edge of the property.)


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