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Phantom Fog





Stepfog2.jpg Stepfog1.jpg Stepju4.jpg

Phantom fog can be seen surrounded by many white and blue orbs.


Partial body forms and faces can be seen in this photo.


Strange red glow reappears in this photo taken at Stepp Cemetery. Photos taken before and after contained normal coloration.

Stepfog3.jpg Phantom Fog
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Phantom fog seems to be coming right out of the tomb stone, as floating orbs fill the air.

Stepps1a.jpg Steptdth.jpg

Mysterious orange light turns up recurrently in cemetery photos. This is not a camera, film, strap, or operator problem.

Photos by J. Tosti
and L. Taylor

Eerie phantom fog rises from a tombstone.

We refer to this one "The Trap Door to Hell".


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