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Directions To Stepp Cemetery
If I had a nickel for every time I've been asked this question!)


We are often asked, "Where can I get directions to Stepp Cemetery?"

Stepp Cemetery is located inside Morgan-Monroe State Forest. If you are traveling from Bloomington, then your best bet is to get there via "Old" State Highway 37. (If you're not, then buy a map!)

Here's the route: Proceed north on Walnut Street and out of town. Turn right on Old State Highway 37 at the stop light located at the bottom of the hill. You will go through Dolan (about six miles, more or less), and across Bean Blossom Creek on your way north. This road will take you all the way to the entrance of Morgan-Monroe State Forest, which will be on your right (east). Proceed through the park for about two miles (give or take). The entrance to the cemetery is on the left at a right bend in the road. You will recognize it by the stone wall on either side of a locked steel gate. You'll have to walk about 200 feet to the cemetery. My best advice is; go in before dark, and don't go alone. And most importantly, please approach the grounds with respect. Things have gotten stirred up around there in the past by those who didn't. Good luck!

- Lynn Taylor


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